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What makes the Yeti tribe? (according to!

If you own a YETI you are in the Yeti tribe! Simple as that, some people buy Yetis and have no idea of the power of the tribe, some buy Yetis just to be part of the tribe!

From weekend dude riding to the singletrack to the local tea/coffee shop, to the fully paid up pro hammering down the berms and jumps of a world cup DH or 4X, all part of the YETI tribe, get yourself to a tribemeet and hang out with like minded individuals who come from all around the world, from all walks of life, all who enjoy riding their Yetis more than almost anything.

here you can catch up with Tribemeets, Pictures & more!


YETI Tribemeets Colorado (click on link)

Snowmass 2002

Snowmass 2003

Snowmass 2004

Salida CO 2005

06 - See

07 - See

08 & 09 No pictures sent in.

2010 - Durango 25th Anniv Tribemeet

2012 - Colorado Meet

UKflagYetifan Tribemeets UK - Wales (click on link)

Coed-Y-Brenin 2003

Coed-Y-Brenin 2004

Afan Argoed 2005

Afan Argoed 2006

Coed-Y-Brenin 2007 - the big one

Cwmcarn 2008 World Cup Team

Glyncorrwg 2009 Ride!

Cwmcarn 2010 Under the Radar meet.

Church Stretton 2012 meet!

Tribe Links (internal)

Sightings home page

Your Yetis Home Page




YETI FMF Tribemeet

FMF Tribemeet 2004 (see near bottom of page)

FMF Tribemeet 2005 a trip to Kenya !