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The 6th UK Yeti Tribemeet just happened! It was the weekend of the 14th and 15th of June.

Big thanks to all the following who it could not have happened without.

  • Evolution Imports - Mark, Howard & Stu. For the Beer, the Pig, the Howies Yeti T’s - these are a rare item! & the Demo bikes.
  • Mike Snare - Local Cwmcarn guide for the amazing but hard XC loops we did! Cwmcarn is not just 8 miles of singletrack!
  • Yeti Cycles for the Free DJ Frame for the raffle and sending the team............
  • Damion, Jared, Ross, Justin & Sam for hanging around all weekend and making the meet extra special.
  • Clay Porter for the filming for the website.
  • Mojo Suspension - for the loan of the tent and the back up and also the 09 FOX forks they bought with them.
  • Cwmcarn Forestry Commission - for the use of the Carpark.
  • Cwmdown for the faultless and smooth uplift service
  • Victor and Dirt Mag for covering the event.
  • Chris for the awesome Tribemeet 08 Hoodies, they rule!!
  • E13 for the stickers.

The weekend started for most with arrival to the area on Friday, it was good to see some old friends and meet some new faces. With more visitors from overseas than ever before!

Saturday saw at least 80 people come along, Visitors to the weekend were treated to a Limited edition Howies Yeti T, and for the first 50+ a Yeti Tribmeet hoodie, the day started off with the uplift at 10 am, this ran for the whole day and gave lifts to the top of the XC and the DH tracks. Scant lead us on a 18 mile XC ride over and out of the end of Cwmcarn valley and into some of the most amazing terrain I have ridden on, very fun, very steep and its a must do!!!!  Lunch came and went, the Longer XC ride got back, as many of the riders took in a lap of the Twrch trail, the permanent track at Cwmcarn, its around 8 miles and almost all singletrack.

As the uplift finished, the Evolution Imports Hog roast arrived, there was also loads of kegs of Yeti beer in the back of the Yeti van, the sun did shine, but between a few small rain showers.

Sunday dawned a bright day, and with around 50/60 people in the Yeti Pit area, we had another great turn out, the Uplift was busy and Scants XC ride had fewer takers (it was hard!), the DH track was kept buys, and Stu and Howard had their work cut out with the demo bikes, more than a few people had taken a shine to some of the bikes!!  Sunday midday saw the Yeti Raffle, with prizes from Yeti, Yeti team and the Yetifan store, with the main prize of the signed DJ going to Eddie, who I shall call Lucky Eddie from now on! Thanks to Jared and Ross for running the raffle so well.

Sunday afternoon saw some people leaving, and some riding the XC, and DH tracks till the very end, infact the only person left in the campsite after myself was Niquo who had a long drive back to France ahead of him ! Bon Voyage Niquo !

Thanks to all who attended, every year the meet gets bigger and better, this year was everything we had planned it to be! What can we do next..............

here are some words from some of the Tribe from the weekend.

I made it down on Saturday............did the XC route - and the downhill course................then went up the road to the top of the freeride park to ride that and come down the xc course again while the van was on lunch break got there at 9 but had to leave at 3.30 due to commitments.............but I enjoyed the downhill course - only rolled it really but that was my first downhill course.....................Im gonna sell the 575 now to get a downhill rig................. KEV

Fantastic event!!! Huge thanks to Andrew, Stu and co for organising - good work fellas!! From the Forum

my first tribe meet it wont be me last ............. had a great time , thanks stu and andrew.thanks scant the saturday was great. Fish in the Forum

Thanks to everyone that came along - had a great time myself too, Overall the weather was great, a few showers but all good. Special thanks to Scant Mike for his local guiding, Andrew for getting it all sorted, D and the team for being there, and Evo Mark for mucho pig and beer. Good to put some faces to names too, see more of you out on the trails soon. Stu

massive thanks everyone for a cool weekend! specially andrew, howard, mark (I had 5 burgers!) & stu (for not letting me drink & Tim & the guys @ mojo & whoever arranged all the free swag.

no problem taking the group out for the 2 rides. most of you seemed to enjoy it! Matt, I hope the nettle rash is dying down! ... I couldnt believe it when I flatted while stationary on the satday ride! (tiny thorn slowee puncture)

After I'd said my good bys, Stu, I went looking to say thanks & goodbye in person but couldnt find you? I nursed my mate home (serves him right for riding a t-u-r-n-e-r after he mangled like 8 links of his chain on the cwmcarn climb!) .then I rode home across the moors in a hail storm!.. in June! weird

other special mentions, luke webber, you made me laff . look me up when you next want a scant & oboyle style ride I could also do with your photographic skills at some point

Jared graves, extremely down to earth & easy going guy. best of luck for the worlds & beijing!

Looking forward to next year already! ...wherever it might be!?

big SHOUT to all the freaks that made it to Cwmcarn,to Howard and Andrew for the hard work, Mark for the support and to Yeti race team who made my sons weekend truly magic,his DJ is now even more precious with signatures of the team.If any body has some pictures of my little yeti tribe (you know the 2year old with the mad ginger curls on his stroller bike in the pit area could you pass them on..........Cheers Leigh (Chef)

A big thank you to Andrew, Howard and the team for a great event.- Berkshire 303 in the Forum

Pictures of DH here.....

Thanks for another great tribemeet!! Eddie.

It was truly a great weekend, I enjoyed more than last years and I loved that one! That must have taken some organising and a big thanks to all of those involved. Loved the beer, wasn't so keen on the midges though!  Guided ride was brilliant, I have some pics and a video clip of Matt coming down the steep loose dirt decent. I will probably send on to Andrew to post up/forward.

Great to have the team there, like eveyone else I can't wait for next years. FOZ

I'm with you lot. Absolutely brilliant weekend. Even if I did feel so hung over on the sunday. The DH track was real fun (big respect to Ian and the other DJ riders). We're going back soon.

Great bunch of people made some new ride buddies who we'll be sorting some days out with soon. The pro guys were really down to earth especially Ross Milan. The event was a real success. My buddy wants to book again for next year and he rides an Orange!

Thanks to all that were there and spoke to us Northern monkeys and a big thanks to Andrew and the rest of the organisers you must have worked your butts off.

See you in 2009. Oh yes the midge cream will be out next time. Sasquatch

I had an excellent time, riding, booze and Yeti's what more does a man need. So a huge thanks to Andrew, Howard, Stu and Mark for putting on the show. Maximum respect to you all.

Big thanks to everyone else for making it a great Tribemeet. I'm back in flat Copenhagen now with only my memories of mountains, midges and Yeti nerds to keep me going..  Chris

More great pics here

and here -


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