UK Meet 2007




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Despite the most awful weather the UK has seen in a long time, over 90 people battled against the weather to make the 5th and biggest UK Tribemeet weekend.

It was worth the trip, as we did not see a great deal of rainfall on any of the rides over the weekend.

It was cool to see Mark & Rick from Evolution who helped out in a huge way over the 2 days,(T’s beer, BBQ, and parking) Chris from Yeti USA, Albert from Yeti Spain, the Goldtec/BETD Guys, the Bromley Bike Staff and all the  Tribe members who make the event so special, look out for the articles in Dirt Magazine(Victor Lucas was there to catch the action) and Luke Webber was there on behalf of What MTB. Chris Conroy was also shooting a video blog for

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Some More pictures from Mark, Jay & Pablo