UK Meet 2006




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The UK Tribemeet for 2006 was held once again at Glyncorrwg in Wales, this years event was quieter than any previous one. The biggest difference was the tribe was to go it alone, nobody from Yeti could make the date, but hell, that was not going to stop us enjoying ourselves in the valleys!

Here are a few pictures.

Oh and don’t worry 2007 should be a totally different affair!

If you were at this years event, I’ll contact you soon about the free Yeti swag your going to get......

Almost 20 Yeti’s hit the Skyline trails on Saturday and more than 25 people turned up and rode the Whyte’s Level and the Wall trails on Sunday, all in their own time. For the Hardcore, Monday was either a lap of the old 9feet trail at Afan or a recovery day from the weekend!

Pics below thanks to Laura, Oli & Roden.

Thanks to Dan...