UK Meet 2005




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UK Tribemeet 2005- Glyncorrwg, Afan Forest Park, Wales.

First up, Thanks to........

 Ian at the Drop-off for making us all feel at home during the weekend, and for some excellent locally sourced food,and the best BBQ I’ve been to for a long time.

Evolution Imports for sorting out the free tickets to the BBQ.

Mike and Seth for coming over to see us all.

WORDS:: Luke and some from Andrew

PICTURES: Luke, Laura & Jay.



2005 sa a change in venue for the tribemeet, Over 65 Yeti riders, employees and racers showed at the third annual Yeti Tribemeet at Glyncorrwg,Afan Forest Park, Wales for a weekend of riding and chilling out with other members of the Tribe.

Proceedings got underway at the Glencorrwg visitor centre on Saturday morning, with the trail and almost 30 Yeti’s ( and a few non Yeti friends) headed upward on the Skyline, traversing rocky singletrack and giving granny rings an early workout, before sampling some magnificent views across the lakes and into neighbouring valleys.

The camaraderie, and social nature of the event meant the early showers went unnoticed and soon jackets >were being swapped out for short sleeves. After a brief stop and bite to eat came the way down and trails that Yeti’s were made for. Fast singletrack with water splashes, switchbacks, steps, dropoffs and even a couple of rock gardens for good measure. There were few mechanical casualties - namely Geoff - who had a rear mech bend round,  a chain snap and a cassette that wouldn’t play ball, but the majority made it to the top of the final descent and had a blast pushing limits and then some on the loose wet rocks peppering the trail. Seth and Mike from Yeti HQ, Colorado made it to the visitor centre by the early afternoon and were soon handing out schwag at the evening barbecue laid on courtesy of Evolution Imports at the Dropoff visitor centre and answering any questions about Yeti Mountain and road bikes.

 Sunday Morning came with the sun in the sky, a new ride and new riders. Racer boy Seth showed no effects from the long haul flight or the beers the night before, with only ‘drew (formerly Andrew Yetifan) and Luke holding close on  the first ascent.(and to be honst, we were not that close! ap)  He revealed at the top of the hill his secret was Heinz  Beans and a full English breakfast.  >With the wind ripping round, the 15 riders pressed on around the Whytes  Level trail on the promise of beans, before the afternoons trail:

The Wall. The long initial climb was worth every effort and more on the down, with the trails far dryer and grippier than the day before. Just as well, because there was one hell of a drop if you went wrong. Sunday evening was pretty low-key. Everyone’s energy banks were empty at best, with many overdrawn. Some of the guys hung around at the Drop-off finishing up and scraps of food  Ian had left over, Shortly after, we were told to leave,a s the staff all had homes to go to.  The Bromley Bike Store riders made it up after Sleepless in the Saddle(24hr race), after getting a fantastic third in the >‘enthusiast’ category.

Monday morning was the last riding of the trails, with Penhydd being taken at a casual pace. We all had great fun, the climbs are slightly less severe, and the singletracks are honed to perfection. Oli borrowed Sam’s Raw 575, and was grinning all the way round.

The third Tribe gathering was a great weekend thanks to Andrew of organising and Yeti for taking the time to make the trip across the pond.

The Tribe is something special: it doesn’t matter if you own Yeti, or a Yeti; everyone’s invited. And that really was what the 2005 Tribemeet was all about.