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Pictures by:  MIKE , RON, ART  & GEOFF






Friday 12 August

Well, it all started with a bang yesterday afternoon. The guys from Yeti arrived early in the day and had just about everything set up from 3pm and the first keg was already tapped by the time I arrived. A nice lager from the Breckenridge Brewery.

The Yetis then started to roll in. More than I have seen in my entire life. By late Friday evening there were probably 70+ people about and already the riding had begun. Late afternoon there was a sprint up the mountain ... they weren't away long ... so I am guessing they didn't go far. At about 11pm the second wave of riders set out on a night ride. Chad from Yeti 'led' the posse, although I don't know if the 5 or 6 pints he consumed earlier helped with navigation. Anyway, they put on some Topeak lights and headed out. Maybe 6 or 7 riders. Who knows how many returned.

Earlier on in the evening dinner was served, Yeti showbags and commemorative glasses were distributed and lots of beer flowed.

Saturday 13 August

The Yeti guys are very well equipped here. On tap were some 25+ demo Yetis all sparkling clean and fully serviced ready to roll. There was even a 2006 575 almost fully built (don't know if it made it out).

The task for the day was to get ready by 9am for the shuttle up Monarch Crest and the start of the Monarch Crest and associated trails. By now there were almost 100 Yetis about to hit the singletrack. What an awesome ride ... or should I say rides. A few different routes were taken by the crowd. I took the Monarch Crest and Silver Creek option. About 30 miles by the time we reached the bottom. This ride is at altitude but is very rideable. Lots of singletrack. I mean lots. Better than the Lickys! Sunshine, hail and lots of mud. Perfect.

So, tonight is more beer and food. The guys from Yeti have done a great job.

More beer ... the guys from Breckenridge Brewery have excelled themselves with a cheeky little ale. Goes down well. Food shipped in. Its wurst and burgers galore with yummy desserts that get eaten very quickly. Lots to go around of all but the desserts ... you would think from my stature that I ate all the pies ... but noooo.

After dinner there is a lot of talk of the days riding. The bunny hop comp starts with very few riders being able to clear the 6" mark ... granted that it is on a big old chip shop bike. Then someone drags a DJ out ... there are so many Yetis laying around it could just have well been my ASR ... and the big boys start clearing the bigger ones. I think Ross Milan pulled the biggest hop, but he was a little dissappointed ... said the cowboy boots didn't hep much.

Most of the Yeti guys had by this time slipped into costume. There was a Yeti lurking in the forest, Keith had a nice mullet and wifebeater disguise and the list goes on. A good laugh.

Sunday 14 August

The morning was subdued. The shuttle bus arrived as per schedule but only the super keen were ready. I, unfortunately had to make tracks to breckenridge, but I think a group headed out to do another trail off Monarch Crest.

Big thanks to all who organised. Yeti crew were awesome. Great to see a few pros there and team managers, technicians, big guns and fans. I would like to come back next year, but need to see whether the purse strings will cope.



Ron and his AS-R on the trail to Monarch Crest

Keith as Yeti on the loose!

These 3 Pictures, thanks to Airborne Yeti.

Chris Conroy