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Sightings of YETI’s up to 2008.


Yeti Austrailia Importer- Paul Rowney at the UK CycloCross Champs- Sutton Park 2008.

Thought you might like to have a look at pics of Eagles park Adelaide, SA

The trails here are wicked!! there is no holding back you just have to run and hang on and hope you dont stack it!!!

I bottled the big drop and the end though, i thought sod that! i was on my own, and I didnt wont to knock myself out with all those snakes lurging around LOL!!


Yeti Stu on the rocks

RIGHT- Hey Andrew, here are some sightings from the Pac, NW. out riding the as-x. Ba Zing

LEFT- Crosstrax ride out.

Below- Fernando.



Yeti mud! From the South. (UK)


Some more pictures sent in by Luke Webber


Yeti Booth from the Barcelona bike show


Paul at Cannock, the ridge run (newly rebuilt thanks to Racers Guild).

Here's a pic of my dirty Yeti. He decided to take me through the red mud of White Mesa in New Mexico, USA.

Made him a bit heavy, but he still romped the trail.



Martin Brooks on a Yeti DJ.


Above- Andrea at at the Dolomiti Super Bike-

Right Some Pics from Dan from the UK Tribemeet

tribemeetwales081 tribemeetwales082
tribemeetwales083 triebmeetwales084

Above:- Giusy and Roberto with Yeti's in the Olimpic Winter Mountain in Torino- Middle:- Yorkshire/Lancashire tribemeet!

Right:- Yorkshire points cross series was won by Mark Thwaites on an ASR-SL!!!!!!!!

Beating the national grass track champion in the process last night on what can best be described as a grass course.


Spotted this yeti hanging out in Christchurch, New Zealand. What a beaut!  Darren



These 4 Pictures of Martin Brooks UK Yeti racer, by Luke Webber.


Gary & 2 575’s (old and new type) out in Chamonix.


Andrew on his asr-sl, living the dream.


Llinars del VallÚs which is a town about 50km north of Bcn.

That was a 40 km mountain bike race organised by the Misser bros

 (it┤s their hometown)  - Pablo


A day of what could have been's! I was probably on for winning the elite race until I rolled my tyre clean off of the rim passing a back marker, grrrrrr.

Mat cam up trumps though by winning the masters race and becoming midlands champion.



Chicksands- A couple of guys turned up the other weekend - all on DJ's - was ace riding, great weather someone called toby took this pic

thought you'd like to hear and see what happened cheers - can't wait for the meet next year



Bedrich & his FRO


Here's a picture of me heading down the Swedish rocks on the trusty DJ. Cheers -Pierre

From the Spanish Tribemeet 2008 - Pics from Pablo & Albert

BELOW- it’s a pleasure to say you that Tribe Meeting at Menorca island got a great succesful.

There were Yeti’s coming from 8 different spanish areas, so 57 yetimen in total.

We riden cool singletracks beside the sea long Saturday, including 2 recover breaks : Menorca’s sweet cakes, big lunch and cool beers. Later afternoon, a wide meeting at the hotel on Yeti, opening a nice comunication with  they assistants. They discover us preferences, why they choice Yeti, races …really cool!

Sunday?, 2 hours on demoday followed of testing 575’s bikes with Riders mag …big smiles,before the lunch last.

Monday?, couple of calls, mails …why just 2 days, big thanks …live’s turquoise. Enjoy some images

spainmeetacc082 spainmeetacc083

Here is a pic (from my helmetcam) of my 575 from a 85 mile, one day ride around the White Rim in Moab last weekend. Great ride, great weather and an even greater bike!!!!


Below- Peter and his DJ at Delamere Forest - UK

Delamerepeterdj1 Delamerepeterdj2 Delamerepeterdj3 Delamerepeterdj4
keithf575ppds1 keithf575ppds2 keithf575ppds3

Keith on the Pass Portes Du Soliel out on France.Switzerland 08



BELOW 2006 Sightings

this turned out to be a regional tribe meet for us last august 06 in Verbier

final slog up to col de mont fort 2500meters, Verbier (knackered ! need oxyegen)

Pablo on the 303 RDH in Spain.

I┤ve just been riding around my town today and I took this photos I hope you like them.

Looking forward for the Yeti gathering this summer. Keep me up to date mate

Marcus & Sy out on a yeti ride in West Yorkshire - UK

2 Above-

Here are some pictures of me an my AS-X at the "bullhead-mountain-freeride-trail" in Germany, Fichtelgebirge ;)   Walter

Hilton - Jordan Valley

Moab trip included an inventory of 4 yetis, 3 as-x's and a 575. All these pictures are on slickrock. unfortunately we didn't have time to take any on porcupine rim...

pretty much b/c the last 6 miles was descended in the dark. Ryan

Cannock Chase is awesome. I went with my friend Simon and the place is great. Never been before but I certainly wanna go back there soon!!  - Pablo.

From ‘Team Action’

Thanks for the website. Really good to check out so many people with the same outlook on their bikes. The Yeti brand is really flying here in South Africa. There are only 3 of us with AS-Xs though. I sent you some pics of my new AS-X in April. Here is an update with some pictures of her in action.

I was always very sceptical when I read how versatile this bike was and was doubtful on whether it really could be used as an "all purpose" bike. Well I am absolutely in awe of this bike. I kept the triple chainset on because I ride this bike everywhere. I tried using a double with a bashring, but ran out of gears on the descents. Then I just drop the saddle when it comes to playtime. I am still trying to dial in the suspension settings, but that is because this is my first full susser and I don't really know what to expect or what to do to improve the settings, so I am going by feel. The rockshox totem is also an excellent, versatile fork. I usually ride with the 135mm setting, and then dial it up to 180mm for the fun stuff. I love this bike...

Later Kayn



My yeti asr at 12,600 feet in the colorado rockies pre-riding for leadville 100.



Here’s some pics of myself on my Yeti 4X and Mark Gregory on his AS-X racing the duel course at Chicksands.




Francesco from Italy.

I send you some new pictures from Cortina d'Ampezzo.

garymark4x2 garymark4x4

Below, are 2 pictures from Frank


I’m lucky to live in the Scottish Highlands and get to discover great places on my 575 but I thought that the attached picture tells a tail.



frankgroet1 frankgroet2

Some Pictures from Niall

niallmynydduyeti niallyetiuk
niall3032007 niallmorzine2007
christiaanswitzerland1 christiaanswitzerland2

2 pictures of me during the 2007 Nationalpark Marathon in Switzerland (in the canton of Grisons, not far away from Livigno in Italy). As far as I have experienced, one of the most interesting bike marathons in Europe, especially because of the magnificent sceneries.


andrewkkokoHere's a pic of me at an event this weekend, on my precious Koko.

The event was a great 60ish km ride at a wine estate called Lourensford. Same event I sent my first picture from a few years ago. It has about 1500 m of climbing overall and a great downhill run. Nirvana on a Yeti of course.

Picture courtesy of another rider, Andrew Gates.

All these Andrews!

I even met another local rider on a '02 Kokopelli Asr! and hopefully will have more contact with him.

Keep the Rubber side down, and thanks for all you do. It's really nice to be able to keep abreast of all news about the best mountain bikes in the world thru your site. The Asr Seven and new 575 keep me awake at night!

More sleepless nights.

Andrew Kummer

Cape Town, South Africa

benroc071 benroc072

For “Roc d'Azur”, I made the “Rando Roc Noire” (50km), and it was a true happiness.

The 575 is ideal bike to ride there.


Gary on his AS-X in the UK.

Hi Guys , being a massive yeti owner and fan , see pics me up in Scotland and two yeti's sandwiching a blur on my roof rack .

many thanks



My bike and me, just out in the woods local to me in Bexley , Kent - Ed

Howdy guys just looking at your site, lovin it of course... and I'd thought I'd throw you guys some pictures of me and my AS-X

One of the pictures is of the first drop i did on my AS-X after moving to Utah the other is one of my saddle after wrecking on a 6 footer.

My friend adam calls it the worst carnage from under 10 feet. - ryan


Ryan on his AS-X

Me up in Vermont with my YETI. Yahoo! It's an XS me and an XS ASR. We were meant to be. I'm running a Black SPV, SRAM, Avid Juicy 7's, King headset, Mavic, and FSA bars & cranks.


Took these out on a ride today just outside of Lyons, Colorado. The mountains in the background are Mt. Meeker and Longs Peak which are in Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park.



Rider- The Amazing Brett Wolfe, picture sent in by DAX.

Another nice picture, of my dear friend Brett i will have my yeti here next week,

I am a BK amputee endurance MTB racer,

I will take pics and send them to you. best, Dax


above- Allan. picture from a local dh trail in Montalban, Philippines

above- John’s 575

These 4 pictures from Francesco from Venice.

Left = Dolomiti

Above left = Dolomiti Bellunesi Bark

Above = Prealpi (with my brother)

Above right = Garda Lake


Pictures below from ‘TEAM ACTION’ in the South of France (Marseille& Avignon),  they ride DH & Freeride on Yeti AS-X’s. These are some action photos to Regagnas Hill, near Marseille

Orange AS-X = Idouille  Green AS-X is Grafiz & RED BULL AS-X is Malmeuz

new pictures from Dolomiti, Italy

Thanks to Francesco.

and below- some pictures of Pale di San Martino more than 2500 mt hight

Left:- Gary and his new 303 in the Lesgets mud.

Here are some Yeti-action pictures of me taken at Winterberg (Germany).

Below- Team Action pictures from France and Whistler.

(4) A few pictures of our recent trip to Verbier in August superb,riding superb,bikes awesome,company awesome...............thanks guys you know who you are.

 Soon more pictures of the AWESOME last FMF Tribe Trip in Colorado &-Utah


Some shots of me riding my ASX at Esher North Shore


Above- Jase on his 575 at Keswick in the lake District UK.

I have finally found a Yeti 575, I send you some pix in case you might want to add them to your site. Photos taken in the Vosges moutains in France. And this is one hell of a bike :)


Some More pictures from francesco in Italy.........

Below, More pics of Team Action

Michael Stamm on his ARC, with rigid forks!

Here are some pictures of Eric and his 303 and new 4X, some racing and some riding for fun.

Above- Damon on his 575

 Below- Ryan on his newst Yeti, a Yeti DJ.

 I love the picture of the saddle. .. every rider that sees it says that makes them think of why they got into mountain biking.

The two Yeti's taking a rest break

Here I am on one of them finishing the climb to Alti Agch

I moved to Azerbaijan from Colorado back in 2005 and carried both bikes with me - a '02 Kokopelli and an '02 FRO.


This is Pablo riding in clent Hills near Birmingham, The guy with him in the photo is his mate Simon and he runs the website:

This is one of Team Greenwood on Helvellin on a very wet day.

This is Vaughn riding a log on his 575


Below- Francesco from Venice sent these  pictures.

On July 1st, I was near Wasa British Columbia enjoying a mountain bike vacation with my new Yeti 575 Enduro. This photo was taken at about the 4200 foot level on the abandon Estella Silver Mind road. The ridge that is displayed (Premier Ridge) near my shoulders was a 37 km ride I completed two days prior with lots of rain and mud.


Hy Folks this is my AS-X an me at Leogang Austria.

Greetings from Munich.



Andrew at Cwmcarn Wales UK.

Johny on his Lawwill DH-9 at Morzine in France.

Im just back from france and the dh9 was in its element!

Spotted in France 05 - Stuart and his new AS-X

Justin on his AS-X

These 3 Pics- Airborne Yeti

Sylvain at Moab

Here are a few pictures of me riding my AS-X on some of my favorite trails here in San Antonio, TX - Chris Huff.

Ian at Ladybower on his new 575

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Tex on his AS-X


Sending you an impression of my last transalp tour in 2002, pic was taken after passing "passo mortirolo" in Italy - a famous giro d'italia location


These Pictures were Sent by Dan, Gina's Coach, 2 are of Him and 2 are of Gina.

This picture was sent in Takashi Gomi , a picture of the bike is in Your Yeti's.


Sam sent in this picture of his Dad in the Forest Of Dean.

Oldest Yeti rider out there at 62? and hero of the UK tribemeet for sure!

These 3 Pictures, Brad in action on his DH9 in Ashland

This is Damo on the Bromley Bike Co's demo bike, he works there, and is now going to buy one.See it in your AS-X


Yeti Europe Manager and Racer Colin riding in Wales and right, Richard in Wales


J Cano on his Yeti ASR 575

Above- Tom

I send you these pictures from Monserrat Mountain and Yeti 575 -J. Cano

Spotted at Snowmass CO, Mike on his flashy Ex Yeti team race bike, and Laura testing the latest Yeti Kokopelli. NO big pic

Jan riding his 04 AS-X at his 'Freeride' show in Belgium.

more at Click Image to see the rest of the picture

This photo has been made near the Pale di San Martino (Dolomiti) Italy last week end. hope that the photo is inserted in your web site



Kev from Sheffield doing his biggest drop to date- a full 5ft on Mam Tor in the Peak District Derbyshire.

Above- Right and Below- Pictures from Francesco in Venice Italy, 3 of his holiday in Val Gardena (Dolomiti) last year.

Click all for awesome full size picture

Thought I'd send you a couple of pics of me on my '03 Yeti ASX, the gap jump is at the legendary Jedi Councils place in Herts and the drop was at Steve Peat's hunting ground – Warncliffe Woods in Sheffield – Enjoy


Just took these on a great ride near Tahoe. The Trail is called Hole in the Ground and was really fun. I have attached a pic of myself at the top.


Yo, heres my yeti, still looks flash even though its 3 years old. Just ordered a new floating caliper off the new dh9 so I can run big hope discs in france. Best bike I've ever owned.- Ed


Francesco from Venice Italy again.

I send to you 2 new pictures: the first is made on Colli Euganei (near Padova) and the second on Dolomiti Bellunesi Park.

Above 3 -Jack- Semi Pro Yeti XC Grass roots racer- on a phot shoot in 04!

Location: Switchbacks in Tokai, Cape Town South Africa.

Photographer: Tim Brink of Bicycling Magazine SA

Andrew Cape Town


(Englishsteel). Attached are a couple pics of my 575 and my AS-X. I have one picture of the unbuilt AS-X on the site already…feel free to replace with a dirty picture. Jason O

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