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Robert's PRO FRO





Daniels FRO and Road Project

the PRO FRO is a 1994 and the Road Project is a 1996



Tim's old Yeti Fro

from 1999.Last of the line




This is Chris's PRO FRO

Burkhard Ravagni's Fro

One of the First Your Yetis and one of the first visitors, Here is his FRO now its been rebuilt with new parts.

Syncros Post with Flite Joe´s rear brake black Curve front brake both with Gore-Cable Campi Record Off Road Crank Time A-tac pedals rear Mavic 521 SUP Ceramic 36 hole with XTR hub front 517 SUP Ceramic 36 hole with blue ringle XT-Shifter Dia Compe SS-7 break levers wight appr. 11kg This cycle is for lago biking :-)) and not for sale!

Ed Rusts FRO

This is Eds Yeti FRO, Heres what he says about it.

According to Yeti, my frame is a 91/92. Originally turquoise, but resprayed in a chameleon paint (gold/magenta). Parts pick is a mix of old and new. Grafton ReEntry levers, Marinovative Cheap Trick brakes, Shimano XT front derailler, rear derailler, cranks, 8s cassette, and BB, Suntour XC Pro thumbies, Syncros ti post, Crank Bros Egg Beater pedals, etc. The fork is totally custom - Manitou SX crown/steerer assembly with custom made 4130 cro-mo "blades". I didn't want suspension on it yet. My son already has his eye on it...

This bike was stolen recently, have you seen it?

RIP 1995 Yeti FRO.

This is the remains of Franks Yeti. That is no bad dream, its reality. I'm sure it served Frank well and will be fondly remembered.



This is Michael Staab's Yeti FRO.

Frame is an Yeti PATCO-FRO 71°/71° with 1 1/4 Steerer, build in 1990, delivered to me in January 1991. I sold it in 1995 but bought it back in 2000. Since then I searched for parts to make an "Showroom" Bike out of it, spec'd with the trickest parts of 1990/1991. Specs include Bullseye Cranks, Ringle Skewers, Answer Taperlite Bar, Deore XT 4-Finger Brakelevers and white Porcupine Tires. Still searching for black Bullseye Hubs, black Crafton Brakes or IRD Brakes and an original IRD Seatpost. This FRO resides in my Living Room, I also own an 1997 FRO for riding

Sams Yeti FRO

This is Sams Yeti FRO, from 1990. Featuring the 2nd style of Yetiman (1988-1990).

The bike has an FTW stem and also the forks are pre-licence.Also it appears to have bullseye cranks.

Long Live the Cult


Marc's FRO

This is Marcs FRO, It is thought to be an original from 1985 ! FTW built maybe?

Has been aged by Frank The Welder, it is an old FRO from around 85.



Wolfgang from Germany sent two pictures

Left is his wifes 1992 Yeti Pro Fro, with Manitou 2's, Red Supabubba and an Interloc seat post

Go to ARC's to see his 95 ARC


Here's a shot of Ricks 2003 FRO and his furry friend, here is a list of the components-

Manitou Black Comp fork, King headset and hubs, XT drivetrain, Kooka brake levers, Avid SD7 brakes and a Rollamajig, Easton carbon bars and seatpost, Titec stem and seat, Time pedals, Rohloff chain, ODI/Yeti lock-on grips, XTR cassette, Salsa quick-releases and carbon rear brake booster, Bontrager rims, Panaracer tires, Cateye computer, and some alloy and titanium bolts. Other bike pics to come!

Rick Bulwicz, New Jersey USA

Here's a picture of Joe's 93' Yeti Pro Fro.

Some highlights of the parts: Manitou 2 Suspension Fork, Answer Hyperlite Bars, Ringle Stem, Control Stix Bar Ends, XTR Front Derailer

n XT Rear Derailer, Ringle Moby Post ,Flite Titanium Railed Saddle ,Nuke Proof Titanium Hubs


This is Tobias's 1995 Yeti Fro,

when not being ridden, it goes into his Bedroom! Fitted with Chris King and other top parts



John's 94 FRO


I bought it as a frame in May 2002, of my friend Joe, who had 2 Yetis & I convinced him that you can only ride one bike at a time! He had it from new, painted in ARC colours, blue over yellow. He sold it to another friend in the late 90's, & it changed hands a few times then Joe got it back in 2001.

A small circle of people had it, one of whom even put a child rack on the back!! I've tried to source original parts, but Joe keeps beating me to them! His parts bin is getting bigger by the day!

Currently set up with Raceface Turbine LP cranks with Cook Bros rings (48, 38, and 24) & Time Z pedals.XTR front derailleur, XT rear derailleur, XT cassette and bottom bracket. LX Shifters.I normally run on Mavic rims 517 with hope XC hubs, but they're being 'renewed' at the time of the photo.

Same goes for the brakes, there was Avid single7 digits, but they like the wheels suffered when I crashed the other month! Forks are RST XMO; 80mm travel, which are due an upgrade to Fox80X soon!Then there is the complementary Ringle bottle cage. I hope you enjoy looking at my Yeti, as much as enjoy riding 'her'!

Thanks & keep up the good work on the site!, John

Ronnie's old Yeti FRO- 87-88

Converted to a single speed with a custom paint job




Mrdi's FRO

But whats the year?




Joe's Yeti Sherpa and his FRO in 2 colour schemes.

The photos of the F.R.O (WHITE/RED,WHITE & BLUE) the bike in question is the same one which evolved over the 4 years i had it. Bought in 92 and sold in 96, what a mistake?

This baby had CHRIS KING hubs the full GRAVITY RESEARCH brakeset. COOK BROS tianium b.b. cranks etc. Etc etc etc.

The above photo is the SHERPA I bought in 99 it was a quick thrown together affair so I could ride it.

Ill get some digital pics taken of it as it is now , youll like it i hope.

Happy trails Joe H


Tom's FRO- 1993 Yeti Pro FRO/Manitou EFC Durango Factory

SRAM Shfters, XT Deraileurs/XTR V-Brakes , Salsa Ti Bar , Answer ATAC Stem , Grafton Cranks, White Industries/Mavic Wheels

Will have pics of the ARC upon completion of assembly...patiently waiting fo a package... ;-)


Jay's 1991 FRO

Hi, I am sending you a picture of my newly-rescued (probably 1991) FRO. Isn't she pretty? A riding buddy of mine called me up excitedly one day recently to say that he'd spotted this bike sadly hung on the wall of a little bike shop deep in the suburbs of Osaka, Japan, where we both live. The frame was built-up with odds and ends as a promotional display, but had never been ridden. It was nicotine stained and clearly in need of some affection. I bought it immediately.

A few waxings brought a nice shine back to the paint, my buddy gave me the stem and seat, and I finished it off with a new set of XT/XTR components. I figure that's the best way to see how good these old classics really were!

I took it out on the trails behind my house for the first time yesterday, only stopping to take a few shots like this one. What a blast the bike is! I'm used to a battle-hardened TREK 8900 with a Fox Float hanging off the front. It's a comfortable beast, but nowhere near as telepathic as the Yeti, which goes exactly where you will it. Wrist damage be darned, I'll probably use it more than the Trek from now on!

Your site is a lot of fun--keep up the good work!

Ciao, Jay Liebrecht

Here is my 92 PRO FRO, I got it from the factory in 1992 in Durango.

it has the welded seat clamp and cable guides,as well as both braze on's ont he down tube.

The paint, wheels, decals and derailleurs are original, but I've mixed in some other parts here and there. I just can't bring myself to totally update it.


Robert's PRO FRO AS!

I don't know too much about this bike that Robert sent in.

I've never seen one, and never knew that Yeti made one! a true piece of history.


Arash's FRO

Here is a Picture of my 1991 FRO, and still going strong



Tims FRO (2004)

My Yeti is in! I took it on my vacation this past week, and it's an awesome bike. We went to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. It was a beautiful vacation.. It was a fairly flat area, and I found a whopping total of 1.5 miles of trail worth riding. And even that trail, was pretty lame. So unfortunately I haven't been able to really test out the new Yeti and see how it handles on "real" trails. However, on the sandy beaches, and on paved roads the new Yeti was great.


Alex's FRO Alloy

Iit`s the best bike I`ve had ever. Super smooth ride and only 10.8 kg.

It`s set up with Hayes disc brakes front/back, 90 % XTR shifters, Rock Shox Sid Race, Yeti Handlebar and grips Kore Stem…


Ed's 2003 FRO

Complete with Yetifan sticker.




Carls 1993 FRO

Dear Yetifans

Here is a picture of my Yeti PRO F.R.O. from 1993. Framesize 19 " Rock Shox 21 (looking for an Accu-trax, anyone??)

XT & Syncros. Pretty good. Greetings Carl, the Netherlands

 Alfreds FRO

Here is a restoration of a 91/92 Pro FRO. This is my Persian cat's, Bobblehead's, personal claw post. He was extremely helpful in the reconstruction of the bike. What would have taken a day to build was stretched to a full week. Spectrum Powder Works did the powder coating, Yeti's powder coaters.

Regards, Al Chiesa



Beppe’s PRO FRO

Beppe’s PRO FRO



Rob’s FRO (added 2006)

Robs old FRO Sold in 93 and regretted it ever since, Rob is builind a new one right now

Rob- USA


Ed’s FRO’s (added 2006)

My bikes I mainly ride and race my 1995 Pro FRO. She's seen me through everything from MTB to 4 day adventure races. I bought the frame from the factory in Durango in 1995, also I have an old (1988, or thereabouts? You may know better) FRO. It's a bit of a rare one with a round top tube. I emailed you about it a couple of years back but couldn't find the pictures. It's got a 1" headset. Here she is with some Mag 21s on. It looks like I was upgrading her to V-brakes for the 1996 racing season (before I built up the "new" one)

Woody, England

James FRO (added 2006)

My Yeti Pro FRO, '94.

Full XTR XTR rear hub Nuke Proof Carbon front XT pedals Accu-Trax forks Answer A-Tac stem USE seatpost with purple bits! Onza Bar ends XTR headset Original Flite Panracer smoke and dart tyres Very nearly mint, couple of scratches under the cross bar, and on the BB shell.

I found it whilst carrying out a property survey with my Dad in the sleepy town of Haslingden in Lancashire, it was mine about 6months later after I went back to try again to prize it out of the owners hands. Pretty sure it was £375, or £325 about a year ago, which I was pretty happy about especially when it came with loads of spares including some purple Onza cable hangers!

Fred Tyler’s FRO. (added 2006)

Fred’s FRO.



Martin’s FRO & PRO FRO

From Norway



Mats Yeti FRO.

I just got out of the shower after a 2 hour long night ride.

It was the first ride on the F.R.O pro and you bet i am a happy guy now.

Some small changes is to be made to get it perfect (stiff fork, shorter stem) not to easy to find a fork in 1 ¼ size.

The F.R.O Pro have buddys in the garage (Ritchey Plexus, Ritchey P20. Bridgestone MB1, Sunn Exact 98, and some newer soul less bikes Kona kula primo. Giant MCM) I bet the F.R.O pro is going to the top in the favourite list after the suspension fork i gone ore changed.

Matts Yeti FRO Alloy

I just got this FRO Alloy from a real nice guy Michael for a great price. It was a birthday present for my little sister Julie and it's a 20.5 and a little big for her, but it was such a good deal I couldn't resist getting it for her. At least now there is 1 in the family. I've always dreamed of owning one myself and one day I'll get my 19.5 ARC hardtail for commuting to the office. Here is a pic of the bike from our recent flyfishing trip on the American River. Thanks and many kudos go out to your and your yetifan team, thanks so much for the great site.


Kim’s YETI FRO added June 2007- I have lost the email with the info on this bike, please send it again!

This bike is forsale!


YETI SHERPA added July 2007

Finally I finnished my first Yeti like I wanted it to be. I'm very proud of her.

I bought the frame last year in Germany. She was is very good conditions, including the original owners manual. It was a real bargain, that deserved a good classic build-up.

Gathering all the parts to build the Sherpa up as I wanted her to be took a lot of time, and of course also a little fortune. Day's and nicht's searching the net! I wanted the Sherpa to look retro and noble. That's why I chose to build it up with blue parts. Not to much, so no ringlé seatpost.  With a litte luck I managed to get the AC corwn and brake arch in blue. These parts give the Manitou 4 that litte extra.

For the mechanics I chose the good old XTR 900 series. Up till this project, I always wanted my bikes to have as less shimao parts as possible. But this Sherpa looked best with the m-900's. The onza H.O. padals are the best I have been riding in the last 16 years (still have about 7 pair's
in store, and a bunch of spare parts)

  • Here are the full spec's on the Sherpa
  • Frame: '96 Sherpa in black Size: 16" Serialnr.: S3369
  • Fork: Answer manitou 4  Fork tuning: AC crown, AC brake arch, speed springs
  • Headset: Chris king devolution  Stem: A-tac   Handlebar: syncros  Barends: Nuke proof (the first carbon-fiber one's)
  • Seatpost: syncros .Seat: Oldschol flite
  • Brake's: Paul's canti's with onza chill pills
  • Hubs: Ringlé superduper 8 (rear) and superduper D (front) Skrewers: Ringlé twisters Rims: Mavic sup cd ceramic 117
    Tyres: IRC Piranha pro (front) tioga psycho (rear) BB: Syncros pro series Cranks: Grafton Chainrings: Race face 46, onza 36 an 24 (stainless steel) Padals: Onza H.O.  Brake and gear shifters: XTR m-900 Front mech.: XTR m-900 Rear mech.: XTR m-900 Cassette: XTR (with a red spider end-ring)
  • chain: HG-90 
  • See you on the trails out there..........
  • Lawwilljay Jeroen Wacki

mikecafro1mikecafro2mikecafro3USAflagMikes YETI FRO 2003- added September 07

It's Mike from Whittier Ca, USA. I just picked up this 03 Yeti FRO from a local Guy it's in show room condition talking about what a score!!! First pictures are when I picked up the bike the rest is with all my high end parts on.

Take Care Great Site


stephenfroStephens YETI FRO added October 07

Got the frame on eBay a couple of years back and built a bike from scratch. Rock shox Team Reba forks, race face xc crank set, sram x-9 shifters and rear derailleur, XT front derailleur. No name carbon bars and post, richey stem and hayes 9 carbon brakes. Etc…very fast and light bike mmmmmm



mikewfroUSAflagMike’s YETI FRO added October 07

Been meaning to send this to you for awhile. It’s a 91. Fully restored.. catalogue version (minus the disc).

More info at retrobike, etc.


bedrichfro1bedrichfro2Bedrich’s FRO

I’m close to the finish line with my FRO restoration project.

It was quite fun to build it up in a mainly white trim first and going for the second maiden ride then.

But as you can see on the last picture attached I made the decision to bring it back to a period correct build up.

Kind Regards


maxfro1Max’s YETI FRO- 2002/03 (added Feb 08)

This one is also for sale.

I believe that it is a 2002/2003. LX/XTR Disc.

Thanks, Max

Reo Nevada

ronfro89USAflagRon’s FRO  (added March 08)

I won a bunch of races o this, but it was a loooong time ago!



mark80fro1mark80fro2mark80fro3mark80fro4Marks FRO - Late 80’s. (added May 08)


My new ride is a late 80's California made Yeti FRO. It has the original 2nd generation Yetiman head tube decal, the original FTW forks and simplex dropouts. It has the original 6 spd Shimano XT gruppo. I found he bike in great condition, but with a seat post stuck in it. Someone tried to torch the frame to remove it but I had Paul from Rock Lobster (thanks Paul) got the seat post out with NO damage *that is why the frame is discolored at the seat tube.


japanfro91japaneseflagFRO From Japan (Added June 08)

I got this sent in, but as it was in Japanese I could not read it.

Its a 1991 FRO with Tioga Disc Drive.


stefanfroswissflagSTEFAN FRO - Part of a collection (Added July 08)

We've got you some Yetis for your homepage. We have a Ultimate, a FRO, an ARC, two ARC AS and two ARC AS LT. Probably the largest collection of Yetis in Switzerland! The owner of the mentioned Bikes is Stefan from cycleworks. Details to the bikes can be found on our homepage.

Have a look under

wolfgangprofro1wolfgangprofro2USAflagWolfgang PRO FRO (Added July 08)

I just finished another project,an early PRO FRO with Manitou1 and mostly XT-parts.

Need to go on a ride now.

Rgds from Chicago  - Wolfgang





zzbedrichfro1zzbedrichfro2zzbedrichfro3zzbedrichfro4BEDRICH FRO (Added November 08)



TOP- Bedrich Other YETI - 86 FRO with Portage pad from CA.



Bottom- I’ve finally finished my FRO Serial 436.

As you can see it’s no wall hanger. I rode it to a 20th overall ind the seniors category at this years Erzgebirgs MTB Marathon in Seiffen Germany .

Best Regards


darrenfro1darrenfro2darrenfro3darrenfro4Darren FRO (Added March 09)

HI My name is Daz, here is my FRO. It is now built, and forsale for the right price.

dianefro1dianefro2dianefro3USAflagDiane YETI FRO From 85-86 (Added May 09)

I have a John Parker Yeti from probably 1986 built just for me still hanging in my garage and was wondering the possible value of such a wonderful hand crafted bike? It has no suspension (that was before Rockshox!) but has a kickin ass custom paint job by Ken Beach, Chris King headset, bullseye cranks and all shimano groupo. Everything works perfectly, although it’s probably dated by today’s standards.

It was my first and only race bike and I have fond memories of the heads that would turn cuz I was riding a “Yeti!” Not many people had such a cool and incredible ride back then!!

heathfro1wsUSAflagHeath YETI FRO

Hey its Heath, Ex Yeti Emp 90-93

I still have my orange 1 off ARC-AS and have a restored  FRO. See pics.


martinfro93NorwayflagMartin YETI FRO (Added October 2010)

Here's my semi retro forest green '93 17" pro fro. Never could find the serial#

'93 XTR derailleurs and rear shifter + cantilevers. '96 Forged Race Face crank. '93 King head with devolution to move to Thompson ahead stem with Easton MonkeyLite bar and Pace RC 31 fork. Avid Juicy7 front brake. '93 rear Mavic M281CD wheel with Hügi compact hub. DT XR 4.1d front wheel with DT 240s hub.

Mine since 1993. Still riding it, still loving it.


kokoyak1kokoyak2kokoyak3kokoyak4USAflagJIM YETI YAK (Added November 2010)

OK, so not a FRO.

Ordered from YETI back in the Malibu days (maybe Pre Matt Sweeney Work shop)

Totally Original from back in the day.

Maybe forsale

lukehfro1USAflagLuke H YETI FRO (Added December 2010)





jorgfro111austrianflagJorg YETI FRO (Added May 2011)

Read about Jorgs bikes on the ASLT page.



gabefro122USAflagGabe YETI FRO (Added June 2011)

Gabe sent in a picture of his 1987 FRO.




torfrodisk111torfrodisk112torfrodisk113torfrodisk114NorwayflagTor-Stale HansenFRO (Added July 2011)

Tor-Stale took a vintage FRO, and had the frame customised for Disk Brakes.


andreafro201111italianflagAndrea FRO (added Nov 2011)

Andrea from Italy sent in his FRO- also go check his ARC AS.



matzefro121matzefro122GermanflagMatze FRO (added January 2012)

1992 Yeti Pro Fro completely restored.



richfro98121richfro98122richfro98123richfro98124richfro98125USAflagRichard YETI FRO (Added March 2012)

Returned my '98 FRO back to the origional for the fun of it. It isn't broke but i want to take it easy on it. Like beach rides and not stomping in the dirt. Here is a pic to you to look at. And it's 100% working order...

gabefrom121gabefro122USAflagGabe YETI FRO.(Added July 2012)

The FRO was Chris Herting's personal bike. He welded it up with a taller seattube and headtube, and dual chainstay gussets. Chris is about 6-03, so the bigger FRO fit him better. The serial number is "CH."



makotofro121makotofro122makotofro123makotofro124makotofro125japaneseflagMakoto YETI FRO (Added September 2012)

Makoto recently sent me pictures of his bike, not knowing the model. Looks like a rare custom painted FRO to me. Pretty early too!

jasonfro121jasonfro122USAflagJason YETI FRO (Added November 2012)

Bought it in 89. Cook Bros cranks are the only original part left.




 keisukefro131keisukefro132keisukefro133japaneseflagKeisuke FRO (Added October 2013)

martinrfro141UKflagMartin FRO - Added March 2014