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Chris's 2002 Kokopelli , '02 Yeti Kokopelli AS/UL Easton Tubing (small)

Marzocchi MX Comp W/ETA 105mm , XTR FD, XT RD, XT Cranks,XT hubs ,Deore Shifters

Hayes Hydro Disc, Titec Gove Ti Seat,Time Atac Z's (not shown), Fox Float

Mavic 223 w/Pani XC Pro ,Easton Stem ,Easton Seat Post ,Easton Riser Bar

Jim's Kokopelli

Here is a picture of my new Yeti. It's a 2003 Kokopelli medium.

It's built up with the disc race kit - Black Super 80/100 fork - XT/XTR shifters - Truvativ crank and BB - Avid mech discs - Bonty UST disc wheels - IRC Mythos 2.1 tires - Titec bits here and there

Had it on the trails for the first time today and it rides like a dream.... Jim

Hi from Switzerland ..

And there was a very special day, no not my birthday. I mean a very special day when i bought my Kokopelli ! Now there is no way back, no return... in my veins flows YETI blood... and you know what happens if i`ll see a biker with a strange bike riding unsuspectly off road... Only one thing can stop us... somebody has to ram a no name frame in our brain... ouch ! I send you a picture of my drug...

Wish you all the best... Swiss YETI

Todd's 2002 Kokopelli

My wife calls her "The Other Woman" and I love them both. Full XT upgrade (shifters,F&R Der, hubs)SD 7 levers, Avid mechanical disks. Mavic 317 rims. new Race Face BB, (soon to have a Chris King headset)

Yeti made an incredible bike.

Mansor's 2003 Kokopelli

Purchased two weeks ago as frame only. Size XS year 2003 Easton tubing Kokopelli. Swooped all parts from my hardtail and I build it up myself.

Bike setup - SID Race Titanium fork. Shifter XT, Crank XT, FD XT, RD XTR, Cassette XT, Time Atac Z pedal. Chris King Head set, Answer Pro Taper Carbon riser bar, Thomson stem and seat post. Flite Ti Trans Am saddle, Avid SD 2.0 and Arch Rival 40. Mavic 517 laced with DT on Tank Light hub, Maxxis Mofo tire. Bike weight 24


Tim's 96 Kokopelli (no big Pic)

Tim on his 1996 Yeti Kokopelli,original graphics, Manitou Mach 5 forks, now he has just got a new bike for everyday duties. What else but a Yeti Ti ARC, with XT discs, Fantastic Chris King hubs, and XTR. Very nice....

martinkoko121NorwayflagMartins Kokopelli (Updated January 2012)

New Parts build.




 Beppe’s kokpelli




Martin’s Kokopelli

From Norway



Guido’s Kokopelli

Guido is From Italy and sent his bike into Yetifan.



matzekoko121matzekoko122GermanflagMatze’s Girlfriends Kokopelli(added January 2012)

1995 Yeti built up with custom powdercoating in stardust silver for my beloved girlfriend.


Look below for more hardtails!


Alain's Kokopelli

Bonjour de France, This 2003 Kokopelli is my first FS bike, and I'm not going to return to my Hardtail !

The setup is the same I had on my good old Litespeed Obed: Sid Race fork, Syntace stem, Easton Monkeylite SL Handlebar, Chris King Hubs, DT Titanium spokes, Mavic 517 Ceramic rims, complete Avid Ultimates brakes, Use Carbon seatpost, and last but not least a Sweetwings crankset. The bike weight is around 22 pounds, and I've got an huge pleasure on it: Why did I spend so much time on a hardtail ?

Happy trails to all yetifans. Alain

Andrew’s Kokopelli

Characterful mud instead of pristine clean, after 50 km enduro today.

Details are: Large Black Koko 2003, with 2004 Marzocchi 120 Mx Pro ETA. Avid Mech Disks (mud sensitive cables), XT shifters, Xtr Rear, Truvativ Isis crankset, Carbon Monkeylite and Truvativ cockpit.

Sourced from Adrenaline in USA. Excellent service so far. Am totally delighted. Yeti's for life now I think. .  Best Regards

Andrew - Cape Town, South Africa

.Erik’s kokopelli

Just took my 2003 Kokopelli out for a ride in the mountains of the North Island of New Zealand. Erik

Lukes Kokopelli AS

Yeti Kokopelli 2003, Fox L shock, Marzocchi MX Comp ETA forks, Bontrager Mustang wheelset, Hope Mono Mini brakes, LX/XT/XTR/Sram/Truvativ gears, Thomson stem/post, Titec bars, WTB saddle, Panaracer tyres.


 Davids kokopelli added 2005

 Here's my 2003 Yeti Kokopelli sitting on top of a volcanic formation in Albuquerque, NM. It is set up with Float 100 RLC fork, Float R shock, Mavic 823 w/ Pink Chris Kings, Pink No Threadset, Hope Mono M4, Chris King Pink No Thread, SRAM X.0, X Gen w/ trigger shifters, ARC stem and carbon bars. It treats me well going up and with the pay off going back down.

Thanks, David


Jez's Kokopelli added 2005

KOKOPELLI built from the frame up using reputable dealers on e-bay, new parts XT throughout, carbon this that and the other . . . about 24lbs!!! And all this for less than £1000 for a new Yeti!! Frame had sat in a garage due to a back injury and exchanged hands for less than £400- immaculate use three times. The bike is awesome and I reckon will deal with anything thrown at it -best bike I've had in sixteen years of mountain biking at all levels! Hope it is worthy of your pages. Best regards, jez


Johns(& Jake) Kokopelli added 2005

My Yeti Koko, bumble bee bike (say that five times fast) built up with a Marzocchi MX Comp Fork, mostly XT drive train, Mavic Wheels, Avid SD-7 V-brakes. Throw in a bit of Virginia mud and the worlds greatest golden retriever and it makes for a good weekend ride



Peter’s Kokopelli added 2006

Here's my Kokopelli.

Setup 2005 with sram 9.0, XT, Easton EA70, Hope mini's, ChrisKing, CrossMax XL and a Fox Float 130RLC. It rides like heaven...

Best Regards, Peter. The Netherlands

Hilton’s Kokopelli

The bike weighs about 11.8 kg which is not too bad. When I choose the parts I went for durability and not necessarily the lightest parts out there. I think I found a good compromise between weight and durability. I ride +7000km a year in mostly dry dusty conditions which destroys drivetrains. I change chains every 2 months cassettes every 4 months and chainwheels about once a year ( Blackspire lasts more than twice as long as Shimano). I do regular maintenance and service everything myself. I recall when I got into bikes(5 years, ex chain smoker) I used to look at the MTBR site and wonder what kind of beast a Kokopelli was and when I heard there where a few coming in I grabbed and this is the result so far. This is an amazing simple efficient bike that goes up hills like it goes down hills.

Can’t wait to get on it every time I get off it!

Regards, Hilton Moss - Jerusalem

Mary’s Kokopelli

Please could you include these pictures of my KOKOPELLI on your site. It is a 2003 frame with a 5th element shock that I bought brand new last week (1st March) from Bromley Bike Co.

My husband has built it up for me with SRAM X9 gears, TRUVATIV stylo crank with external bearings, MARZOCCHI MX PRO fork and a slightly shorter than standard stem to suit my female frame.

Thank you Mary

Nick’s Yeti Kokopelli HT added June 2007

here is my work-a-day HT kokopelli, usually running on Manitou 3’s Its had modern R7s in it, but theyre too long for a frame of 95 vintage, (frame no k0056), Old XTR rear, XC pro front, 91 xt cranks and 7 sp rear ub (originally off my 91 GT team avalanche, and must have 30,00 miles on by now), onza mongo, critical racing brakes, hyperlite, syncros stem, ti BB and s/post. Work a day for many years. Well used and loved even through pretty scruffy. I machined the front hub to interface with Manitou dropouts before suspension hubs were available, and it has nitesuns on it all the time, as night time is the best time to hit ‘restricted’ trails.

Sean’s Yeti Kokopelli (added august 2007)

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for the top - great fit and looks well cool. Thought you might like to have a look at the Yeti I have been building over the last 2 months whilst recuperating from cruciate ligament surgery post a February skiing accident at Kicking Horse in Canada - all bought through e-bay which means I have a £3k+ bike for a littel under £1,800!

Frame is 2nd hand - awesome condition for an 02/03 frame (believe had been sitting in a garage in Colorado gathering dust!!!!). The wheels (Mavic Crossmax SL 2006) are the only other 2nd hand item on the bike - all the rest is new XTR via Hong Kong/Japan/Singapore - rode it for tyhe 1st time 2 days ago and she's a beauty.

Cheers  Sean

markkokopelli1markkokopelli2markkokopelli3Marks Yeti Kokopelli (Added May 08)

This is a 2002-3 Kokopelli with Chris King hubs, Manitou r7 forks and 8 spd XT, It is my everyday bike.



charliekoko021USAflagCharlie YETI Kokopello (Added March 2011)

I also have an "02(?) Kokopelli that was my first Yeti and got me through 4 other Leadvilles, as well as a few others. Somehow it also had a less than stellar motor, but it still has a prominent place in my garage!


alainkoko111alainkoko112alainkoko113frenchflagAlain YETI Kokopelli (Added August 2011)

I don't know if the Kokopelli's section still exist but here is an update of my Kokopelli.

Great bike even if a little bit too small for me.

Long life to yetifans

ajkokofs121ajkokofs122USAflagAJ Kokopelli (Added June 2012)

Please put in the section for these old Kokopelli's, I am not sure what year mine even is, buyt I LOVE my Yeti and will not own another make besides my Intense, but I wanted to pop in a picture of her if I could.

Here she is in a few pix for you to choose from.

kriskokopelli121GermanflagKris Kokopelli (Added July 2012)

My first Yeti and my first full-suspension. Didn“t regret the switch from my hardtail.

I absolutely love the handling and it will definately not be the last Yeti in the familiy! ;-)

Greetings from Germany!

petekoko121UKflagPete Kokopelli (Added September 2012)

I've just had my Yeti @BromleyBikeco for a new bearing kit and crankset, the build is now as below and pic attached.

  • '02 Yeti Kokopelli AS/UL Easton Tubing (large)
  • Fox Float RS Shock
  • RockShox Duke XC U-Turn Forks
  • XT Crankset, Chain and Cassette
  • Deore Shifters, XTR front and SLX rear mech
  • SLX Disc Brakes
  • DT Swiss EX500 on Hope Hoops Pro 2 Evo
  • Hope Headset, RaceFace Stem, Easton Risers and Yeti Hardcore Grips
  • Thomson Elite Post, Hope QR Clamp, FSA Titanium Saddle
  • Crank Bros Candy 3 Pedals
  • Continental Vertical 2.3" (front) Geax Lobo Loco 2.3" (rear) tyre

tetsushikoko121tetsushikoko122tetsushikoko123tetsushikoko124tetsushikoko125tetsushikoko126japaneseflagTetsushi Kokopelli HT (Added October 2012)

My name is Tetsushi Kawada.

This bike is my sweet Kokopelli.

Kit is all 90's parts.