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martinkas131martinkas132martinkas133martinkas134Martin ARC AS (Added September 2013)

Read more about this bike here-




indraarcaslt131indonesiaflagIndra ARC AS LT (Added June 2013)





martinas131martinas132Martin ARC AS LT (Added Feb 2013)

A few photos from my Yeti, built in 1994, rebuild last year.

Bike is nr 712-as


indraaslt121Indra ARC AS LT (Added December 2012)

Indra’s bike. From Indonesia.




jorgaslt111jorgaslt112austrianflagJorg YETI ARC ASLT (Added May 2011)

In 1994, i saw my first Yeti in nature, in a bikestore near my hometown.

Actually there were two. 1 FRO PRO (grey, Manitou I fork, Shimano LX)

1 Ultimate (purple, same spec)

After only having seen Yeti´s in Bikemag´s, I knew I had to have one!

It was the FRO PRO. Endless upgrades startet (Rockshox Mag 21, Gripshift, numerous Ringle, Answer and Grafton parts, and re-colouring in Yeti race-colour-scheme.

1994 I also visited the Grundig Mtb downhill-worldcup in Kaprun, where I got the chance to talk to John Parker.

Naturally also I saw team rider, like Jimmy Deaton and Missy Giove and John Tomac.

I don´t know if he was with Raleigh or Giant at that time, but I took a pic of Jimmy and John before a trainingrun and it looked like they were still in one team.

5 years on, I visited Kaprun to see Yeti teamracer in action.

In 1996 I made a trip to the US (San Francisco, Los Angeles, some Nationalparks and a 500 Kilometer detour to Durango CO).

There I bought my second Yeti. An ARC AS-LT, as frame only, from the factorystore.

There were only two left (mine and 1 orange-white)

On a short tour trough the factory I saw the at that time brand new Lawwill 4 and 6, but they were out of reach of my pockedmoney.

Today I still own the two bike´s (FRO frame and fork and some old parts still waiting for reassembling).

paultracyarcas111CanadaFlagPaul Tracy YETI ARC AS (Added September 2011)

Ex YETI Team rider,  Indy Car driver Paul Tracy still has a few of his old YETI’s.

He sent in this picture of his ARC AS.



andreaarcasit111andreaarcasit112italianflagAndrea ARC AS (Added Nov 2011)

Rebuilt from a broken frame.



matzearcaslt121matzearcaslt122GermanflagMatze ARC AS LT (Added January 2012)

1995 Yeti ARC AS LT with original paintjob.




nealas3121UKflagNeal ARC AS-3 (Added Feb 2012)

I've just registered on your forum and thought I'd send you a photo of my beloved Yeti (attached).

I've owned it since new ('97/98) and over the years have spent a small fortune on it...

At the moment it is sporting the following 'bling'...

  • · Classic Sid forks
  • · Raceface cranks
  • · Kooka levers
  • · XTR V brakes
  • · Chris King headset
  • 15 years on, it still rides like a dream... unlike me!

Bernd's ARC AS

Johannes ARC ASLT


Tim's Yeti ARC AS, recently powdercoated Red.

Philippe's AS LT.





Francois 2000 AS-3

This AS-3 belongs to Francois, Its got a Syncros stem, seatpost, bar, headset, crankset, XTR brakes, rear and front derailleur, 858 Pedals, SRAM Plasma shifters Judy Race, Hutchinson tires, Mavic 517/XT wheelset

And understandably he says he loves it!!

Chris's 1996 ARC AS LT

Chris's ARC AS LT has had a change of Decals, but is still classic Yellow and Turquoise.



Luke's 1996 ARC AS

Matt's old Yeti ARC AS LT

John's ARC AS

Anthony's 1997 AS-3

Martin's ARC AS LT

I'm really proud of this bike, and the fact that I've somehow managed to take great care of it. I nearly sold it in 1996, and I'm really glad I didn't.

You will see it has a lot of Ringle blue annodized parts, as well as Chris King headset, Paul brake levers and Cook Bros blue cranks. The chain device is DCD. It has a water bottle because I used it a couple of times for long free ride downhills in the Swiss Alps, and it was also once raced in a cross country, it's that light and strong! I really love the bike, it represents the Yeti hay-day for me.


German's AS

This is a picture of the YETI A.R.C-AS Serial-Number 002! The bike is owned by former German Yeti-distributor German Möhren, 001 was John Parkers and 003 owned by Geoff Ringle

Michaels ARC AS LT

This frame has a Risse shock with Piggy back,and has been fitted with rear disc mounts.

Interesting project ahead!

Matt's 96 ARC AS

Now with Added Yeti and Thompson parts




Michael's ARC AS LT





Gabe's ARC AS Single Speed

So after many beers and nearly a week off from work, I convinced myself to build the ARC AS as a singlespeed. Most of the parts came out of my recycle bin, and the whole thing was fairly inexpensive to do. I've never ridden a SS before, and believe me - it's heaven and hell. Very quiet and simple, but very painful. I think I like it. And in truth, I just couldn't let this frame sit around idle. -Gabe



Simons ASLT

Here's some pics of the finished bike - it rides really well - the suspension takes the edge off and the geometry is brilliant for trail riding, 23.75" top tube, 43" wheelbase, head angle about 69.5 or 70 degrees, 3" of travel up front, a little more in the back. It pedals surprisingly efficiently in or out of the saddle, and the handling is very stable and solid which is what I have always loved about these YETIs.

It has most of the right bits - ringle stem, post hubs, qrs, mavic 231CD rims, Grafton cranks, Hyperlite bars, yeti grips, xtr drivetrain, o2 saddle, magura brakes. The fork has Englunds which I find work really well, and the bottom bracket is plain shimano not grafton ti, but it still weighs only 27lbs. I also have a 120mm stem I'll try at some point, plus a set of HED carbon rims.

Finally, a bike finished (almost)...on to the next project now (another Yeti of course!)


Michaels AS3

Here's a pic of my newly acquired AS-3. It's a 1999 with SID Rear. I plan on upgrading the fork ASAP. Other than that the bike is great!!




Richard, 1994 ARC AS.

This bike is fast and mean,its got a syncros stem,bar.seatpost,Headset canecreek,Wheelset chris king/ mavic, sapim spokes,flite titanium,tires tioga psycho ,fork answer manitou m2,cranks topline,  XTR  M900 shifters,back/front derailleur,cantilevers, with onza chill pills,

Greets from Holland, Rich


Dan’s AS-3

My AS-3 specs almost all parts from 1999-2003 to keep as close to year specs as possible

  • XTR rear Der.
  • XT front Der.
  • LX cranks
  • Grip-shifts
  • Bomber as-x air forks
  • Thompson seat post
  • Sun rhino- light wheels w/ xt hubs
  • WTB Weirwolf 2.3’s
  • WTB seat
  • Disc front
  • XTR – V rear
  • All parts new or fully re-built
  • Scott riser bars 26”
  • Total E-Bay and discount houses $750.00

This thing rides like a dream. I can climb like a mule and the high speed down hill fire trails are no match. I will send ridding pic’s from the Sea Otter Classic If I can get down there

Nathins AS-3(added 2005)

Well here is a couple(1 is in you race ) of long overdue pictures of my AS-3. I bought it from a guy out in Colorado ( he has a picture of it sitting on the back of his VW vanagon )

As you can see I have made some improvements.. The CrossRide Wheels - and lots of Blue Ano - like Chris King headset, Ringle Post- also added a Topline Cranks and Kore Lite in Ano Blue...

Still adding to it and finding little lightweight bits and peices here and there. I am still racing and riding her routinely in Wisconsin - You can find me in 24hr races and Adventure Races, as well as WEMS and WORS races. She has quite a few more nicks and dings than when I got her but she still turns heads!


Franz’s ARC ASLT(added 2006)

Franz’s Early 90 YETI ARC AS LT.



Rob P’s ARC AS(added 2006)

A Picture of my old ARC AS, the HED wheels look the nuts but filled up with water when very wet and then weighed a ton...!

Cheers, Rob...



Michaels ARC AS

This is a 1996 Yeti ARC AS For sale. The paint is the color of a local race team and was painted at by Yeti. It is the only one with this paint scheme in existence. Bike is in Great shape. Has all Ringle, Race Face and XTR components.



Ruedi ARC AS

From Switzerland



Martin’s ARC AS

From Norway



Jeroen’s AS / ASLT frame

It's a crossing af an ARC AS and an ARC AS LT Both suspention systems can be fitted (all availeble) I once heared that there were 72 built ???



Mauro’s ARC AS & LT

old stuff, regards mauro



Eric’s ARC AS

Welcome to Eric's retired bicycle attic space.

I used to direct the american tv show called Fat Tire Journal from 1991-1994. The Myles interview on your site was conducted and edited by me. Yeti was one of our "buddy bro" sponsors, meaning we got a bunch of frames from them and a lot of good vibe and plenty of hype. I was lucky to ride many of their bikes but only kept two. This team Arc-AS was made for me when they built the first batch for the race season in probably 1993?. This great bike was the first rear sup in xc events that people actually won races on. I still like it for its climbing ability with a little cushion to take the edge off. I rode it regularly until about 199 - most of the original parts are still in place.

Speaking of good climbers... way in the back of the photo, past a cheap dyno cruiser you'll notice a first gen manitou fork, that's attached to one of the last of the California made Ultimate frames before Yeti moved to Durango. That frame has been all over the place, played a lot of polo and rode many a good mile. The original factory fork is close by.

I'll save that pic for another day....

regards, Eric

Nick’s Yeti ARC AS LT - added June 2007

here we have my AS/LT, which is M900 XTR, midleburns, graftons from you I think, and a spinergy. Only thing with this one is there was a hairline crack around the seat binder, so I machined up th reinforcing brace that you see in the pics. Basically it’s a squashy xc bike, that carves on the downhils (by modern standards), and the risse air unit in the lawwill forks matches nicely with the risse rear unit. I like the damping to feel matched F+R , like manitous on a manitou, and boxers on the lawwill,



RAFCO’s ARC AS added July 2007

My first yeti is The ARC As this bike was built back in 1998 and is pretty much unchanged ARC as Frame 18" Mavic Cross Max wheels Sid XC fork Shimano XTR mechs Shimano XTR breaks Cooks Bros F crank and Ringle Steam and seat post



ruediarcas1ruediarcas2ruediarcas3swissflagRuedi’s ARC AS- Added October 07

No details-




heatharcas1heatharcas2USAflagHeath’s YETI ARC AS (added November 07)

Ok here we go,let me know if these turn out, I was hanging out with Gravy last week in Cali and he said he would send some pics to. I almost had to steal mine cause I was fired just as it was coming out of powder coating and JP wanted to give it to Missy cause it was custom w/24 wheels and a custom Manitou to fit.DS back in the day w/Powerlite riser bars. But Gravy came to my house a few days later with the fork cause I special ordered it from answer.JP was kinda Kooky a lot. Then Brett Hann saw me at a race with the XTR and Grafton goodies (I collected from the stash one piece at a time!)and freeked. I didint care. I had the sickest bike there.Originaly it was black with all silver parts. I have blown the Rissie three times so I run the elastomer one these days. All the pivots are tight still and rides killer


rogerarcas1rogerarcas2rogerarcas3rogerarcas4swissflagRoger’s ARC AS AND ASLT (added November 2007)

Sent in along side his DH-9



stefanarcas1stefanarcas2stefanarcaslt1swissflagSTEFAN ARC AS & ARC AS LT - Part of a collection (Added July 08)

We've got you some Yetis for your homepage. We have a Ultimate, a FRO, an ARC, two ARC AS and two ARC AS LT. Probably the largest collection of Yetis in Switzerland! The owner of the mentioned Bikes is Stefan from cycleworks. Details to the bikes can be found on our homepage.

Have a look under

lhinmanarcasL Hinman ARC AS (Added September 08)

Latest Project bike.





mirkoarcas951mirkoarcas952Mirko YETI ARC AS





romanaslt1romanaslt2swissflagRoman YETI ARC AS LT (added February 2010)

Yetifan is very cool!!

Two Pics from My YETI "LT Team".

Greetings from Switzerland - Roman

samas3x2frenchflagSam YETI AS-3 (Added February 2010)


This is a picture of 2 AS3 of my collection near Chamonix in the Alps.



eefarcaslt1eefarcaslt101netherlandsflagEef YETI ARC AS LT (Added September -New parts - 2010)

ARC AS LT (I found the frame number, its AS314). This is definetely a project: even though I think its the Bike of bikes, I don't like the wheels and I want to exchange the Rock Shox SID XC C3 either for a Manitou 2 or 3 or for a turquoise Mag21, but that will take some serious internet searching, I'm afraid...
It's mainly XT, with some Ritchey and Ringlé parts and a nice yellow Flite. I hope I can send regular updates on new parts I found for the AS, but this is the starting point.

Since I bought it (the picture that I sent you in May of this year), I've changed the forks (Manitou 3) and stem (Ringlé Zooka), the wheels (Mavic 221's) and the seatpost (Ringlé Moby). I'm liking the looks of it more and more, but of course there's always room for further improvement... I'll keep you updated


michaelarcaslt101GermanflagMichael YETI ARC ASLT ( Added September 2010)

Here is a picture of my old YETI AS LT. Old faithfull, cause in use since 1994.


kokoas1kokoas2kokoas3kokoas4USAflagJim YETI ARC AS (Added November 2010)

Maybe for sale, email via for info.

Ex Durango Yeti Employee ARC AS.


franzarcaslt1franzarcslt2GermanflagFranz ARC AS LT (Added December 2010)

From Germany.




lukeharasltUSAflagLuke H YETI ARC ASLT (Added December 2010)

Picture taken at 2010 Keyesville Classic. I raced the AS LT in the downhill

See Sightings for more of this bike.