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Marc's 1990 Yeti Ultimate




Bernd's Ultimate





These are Hennings Ultimate's







E.J's Ultimate

This is EJ's Latest purchase,

a Yeti Ultimate.

"I'm waiting on a stem from FTW and it will be done. I ride it all the time, it's a blast


Eric took a few shots of #U127.

I'll throw the short story to go with it: 'I found the frame through MTBR. I purchased it from the original owner, who had bought the frame sight unseen from a sketch that John Parker drew on a napkin.

The previous owner and JP just happened to be at the newly opened Cambria Bike in Cambria, Ca. The serial number is #U127' Needless to say this frame as seen quite a few NorCal miles but the paint is in great shape given the age of this Ultimate. Factory rigid fork, and best of all, factory decals still in place.

I'm slowly building up the parts to make a retro ride out of it, although it won't be a perfect period correct match. T-Disc, cook bros cranks, syncros parts a must.

Thanks for the great site Andy, the history stuff makes for great reading! -Eric- in NorCal





Al's Ultimates

Here are my yeti's.

The black one I bought and only ride it on nice days on the road. It was never ridden when I bought it of Yeti Fan. The turquoise one I also bought of the Yeti Fan website and completely restored it. Even the stickers and it has a new custom Rock Lobster stem. This is my fun bike.

Updated.............. Here is the latest modification to my Ultimate, a white set of Bullseye cranks. This is the perfect Yeti now that the cranks are on

Regards Al.


Gabe's Ultimate

My '92 Ultimate built with a mixture of old and new parts. It's incredibly solid on the trail, especially on fast open stretches. I'd been looking for a frame this size for years, and finally hooked it up through a fellow Yetifan member. As always, thanks for the site Andy!




Beppe’s Ultimate

Frame and forks for now!



Dwight’s Ultimate ‘added 2005’

I thought it was about time I sent in a photo of my Ultimate, hopefully to add to the your ultimates page.

Bought the frame of ebay last year, dont know the U number as it has been resprayed. I have XT shifters, rear mech and hubs, whith an LX front mech. Red anodized cooke bros cranks, seat and wheel squewers, red anodized ringle moby seatpost, and ringle H20. I have a FTW stem, mavic headset, and Manitou4 suspension forks. Am looking for some anodized red rims, and hubs (possibly ringle).

Cheers, Long Live Yeti !

Stuarts Ultimate added 2005

Fitted with Accutrax, used to ahve a FTW stem, but replaced with a different size. Ths bike could be for sale.



Vegar’s Ultimate added 2006

I`m selling my Yeti Ultimate - do you have an idea what it`s worth? It is in good shape, used it for a couple of years in Norway 1991 - 1993, been mostly stored since. Perhaps you can suggest a good place to sell it, nobody here knows the brand...

Is it still atractive?


Alan’s Ultimate added 2006




I am the original owner and still have it, I bought it from Cambria Bikes in 1994.


  • 1994 Yeti Ultimate 16" Frame, I am the original owner, original paint.
  • Current Fork, Rock Shox with AC titanium head tube, I still have the factory "Accutrax" rigid fork
  • All original Shimano XT
  • Mavic Rims
  • Added over the years:
  • Rock Shox
  • Race Face cranks
  • Suspension seatpost
  • Kore stem
  • Ringle bottle cages

It would be an honor if you could include it on your website

Wolfgang’s Ultimate

Here is a great picture of Wolfgangs Yeti Ultimate.




Damon’s Yeti.

Not sure of the frame's year, but I bought the frame in California in 1995 and built it up a year later (had to save some $$$). The bike's paint and decals are a little beat up, but it has traveled to three continents with me. I even brought it to Iraq with me (see picture). When I return to the states from this deployment I plan on completely rebuilding/restoring it. It has served me well for countless miles, been raced (sucessfully) in a few sprint length triathlons, and aside from a few upgrades/replacements, has all the original parts I built it with. The bike even got partially run over by my truck. It only sustained some scratches, a bent chainring and a cracked crank arm. I love this bike.

Cheers DAMON



heathiltimate2heathultimate1Heath’s Ultimate

This was a project and is now complete




danielultimate1danielultimate2danielultimate3austrianflagDaniels Ultimate (added March 2008)

Please add this lonely ultimate to it's friends on your site.

Thanks and greetings from Austria, yours Daniel....    a real yeti fan!




stefanultimate1swissflagSTEFAN ULTIMATE - Part of a collection (Added July 08)

We've got you some Yetis for your homepage. We have a Ultimate, a FRO, an ARC, two ARC AS and two ARC AS LT. Probably the largest collection of Yetis in Switzerland! The owner of the mentioned Bikes is Stefan from cycleworks. Details to the bikes can be found on our homepage.

Have a look under



kevultimate1kevultimate2kevultimate3UKflagKEVIN YETI Ultimate

A few pictures of my Ultimate fully restored





troyult1troyult2troyult3USAflagTroy YETI Ultimate (Added June 2010)

I saw your site and wanted to send you a photo of my Yeti Ultimate. I bought it new in 1990 and have just had a crack in the chain stay repaired. I included a picture of the crack before and after repair. I was fortunate enough to find a local bike builder to do the weld for a 12 pack of beer and it looks like I should be able to get another 20 years out of the frame. At least I hope to.

I will try to follow up with a picture of the bike once I have it built back up.


chrisultimate101chrisultimate102chrisultimate103chrisultimate104USAflagChris YETI Ultimate (Added August 2010)

I could not afford this bike when it came out so many years later I made up for it.

Every part was farmed from eBay separately, I held out to get everything I wanted. My only regret is that I installed recent shifters and derailleurs...... Maybe I will fix that soon. I got hold of an original head tube decal but the rest I recreated myself, some from studying photo's on your site. Give credit to for the immaculate refinishing



jasonult101Jason YETI Ultimate (added September 2010)

Jasons Yeti Ultimate.




larsu12221larsu12222larsu12223larsu12224larsu12225GermanflagLars YETI Ultimate

 (Added October 2010)

Just been restored


Its a 16` with the frame number U1222. Guess it has to be a late 91 or early 92.

Frame powder coating is original with NOS Decals.

Fork and Stem are fresh powder coated in RAL5018 with repro Decals.

  • Built up with:
  • Accu-Trax, A-Tac and Taperlite. what else:-)
  • Shimano XT 730-737, Mavic Rando M4, Dia-Compe 986, CQP Prolite, Kingsbery
  • Skewers,Control Tech seatpost, Flite and Gore Ride-On

Best regards from the Harz mountains in Germany


olafult1olafult2olafult4olfult3GermanflagOle YETI Ultimate(Added November 2010)

A month ago I finished my Yeti ultimate, this bike was a dream since I meet the Yeti team in Europe (must be 1994).

We had a big party in Austria and I was deeply impressed about Missy Giove.

That was the time where I decided to ride the best Bike- YETI!

Ok, this year (16 years later) in spring I bought a badly damaged Ultimate Frame from a guy in Germany (see pictures). I gave the frame to Georg Blaschke (he is the German FTW) and he fixed it for me.

Then I bought a lot of parts and put all together...

And so I get my personal dreambike, its not time correct but fast!

I think this are enough words, just look at the pictures.

The Frame No is U 432, size was 19" and it was bought in 1991 at the Pedal Pusher store in USA. In 1992 the Frame was send back to Yeti for fixing the seat tube.

I hope John Parker is proud of me for saving this Frame!

Ole from Germany

bennyultimate1bennyultimate3bennyultimate5bennyultimate4GermanflagBenny YETI Ultimate (Added December 2010)

Iīm from germany and i will send you some picīs of my YETI Ultimate.

I bought the frame 1996 from a friend of mine who stayed in the USA for one year and in his suitcases he carried

this frame. there was no long thinking an i took this beauty! It must be an late 91 work ( seatclamp?) I rode this frame

 two years very hard on the trails and the road and there were different built upīs and the bike has some scratches in the paintwork....itīs used;-) The picīs iīm sending are the current set-up

The picīs are taken by a very good friend...big up!

This bike was in the competition on the IBC-Forum this year and made a good place. But I think about some further custom work on this bike. We will see...


mikehult1mikehult2mikehult3mikehult4mikehult6mikehult5USAflagMike Ultimate (Added March 2011)

I recently finished restoring my 1990 Yeti Ultimate.

The serial number is U167 and it’s a 19” frame. It’s decked out with NOS Shimano XT M730 parts including M732 brakes, M733 brake levers, M732 thumbshifters, M737 pedals, along with a matching M730 seatpost topped with a NOS Turbo saddle. The wheels are NOS Mavic MA40 rims laced to NOS Bullseye hubs. The cranks are Bullseye 2nd gen. Handlebars are NOS Answer Hyperlites and the headset is Chris King. Ringle CamTwist skewers and NOS Tioga Psycho tires round out the package.

Thanks,- Mike (in Virginia, USA)



gabeultimate111USAflagGabe YETI Ultimate (added June 2011)

Gabe sent in a pic of his 1990 Yeti Ultimate.




mikewultimate111USAflagMike YETI Ultimate (Added July 2011)

Check out the detail in the picture!! Amazing stuff.



walterultimate111walterultimate112walterultimate113austrianflagWalter YETI Ultimate (Added August 2011)

I am Walter from Vienna, Austria.

Here are some pics of my yetis and I hope you will enjoy them



tostiult111GermanflagTosti YETI Ultimate (Added November 2011)

Here a picure from my new coulered Ultimate built 1992.

Tosti Bietigheim/Bissingen, Germany



martinred111martinred112martinred113UKflagMartin YETI Ultimate (Added November 2011)

The first picture is how the bike is built at present, (its been like this since 93 - photo taken in 95).. note : the accutrax used to be yellow, I badly scratched them, hence now being black, I wrote too 'doug bradbury' for the accutrax stickers in white !, the 'FTW' stem was also yellow, and too was painted black at the same time as the forks..It has some very rare parts : most of them where the first in the UK !


My late father, brought the 'CQP' cranks back from the states... ! $80.. trade/cost..( i have an interesting story behind these ).
'chain rings are 'pace' and has an 'onza buzz saw' granny ring'.... cook bros sealed b/b. The wheel set are also from the original build back in 1990, mavic dakar rims, xt hubs '7 speed'........

Scott pedderson 'self energizing' rear brakes, very expensive 'avids' upfront....

The second and third pictures, where taken in 1991, The forks came into the country by a private dealer/trader before there was an importer ! these i destroyed with in weeks, the second set lasted a bit longer ( i had the crown and brace anodized blue, I don’t have a photo of these, but you can see the blue anodizing on the original seat clamp, ( seat clamp was silver originally )..,in the first photo..
Had silver 'cook bros cranks with mavic rings.

NOTE : this will date the last two picture's, check out my 'shock boots'...., you couldn’t buy them back then, so i made these myself out of old inner tubes...!

As you can probably gather, I’m very passionate about 'YETI' bikes, always have been... ive just recently found out how much i had influenced people back then, ive just had a trip over to liverpool recently, to see old friends, and found out there is 4 yeti Ultimates in the area where i used to live....MADNESS..., they all said it was my fault !!!!!! funny.....

I used to be the mechanic in a shop in Eccelston nr Chorley called 'SHARROCKS cycles' back in 1990... so i had access to lots of goodies.....

But i got my yeti before i worked there, my 'ultimate came of a friend called 'graham hall' "HARRY HALLS manchester"..I had bought the very fist 'e-stay' bike in the UK from graham, a 'FUNK'...,but on building this i found the frame to be 'untrue' in fact it was rubbish, graham hall put it on his alignment table, it was 10mm out on the rear stays.........,very poor.

At the time i had read an article about YETI, and thought these guys are the best, i need one, i wanted it to be in black originally, but at the time a team one was the only one i could get... no looking back.... :-)

When I first built this bike, it scared the living daylights out of me !!!! so fast........infact its the fastest bike ive ever ridden...i trust my life on it....,its fantastic...

martinultimate121NorwayflagMartin YETI Ultoimate (Updated January 2012)

Martin from Norway sent in new pictures of both his Kokopelli & this Ultimate.



gabeulti121gabeulti122Gabe Yeti Ultimate (Added July 2012)

The Ultimate was custom welded for Matt Parker, JP's brother. Matt is about 6-04, and wanted a sturdier bike than stock. The frame is 22" c-c, and the TT is a little longer as well.



sscult131sscult132sscult133USAflagMartin Ultimate (Added March 2013)

Sent in from one of builds



vayult131vayult132CanadaFlagVay YETI Ultimate (Added December 2013)

Wanted to submit my 1991 Yeti Ultimate for your gallery.

Its serial number (as best as I can make out) is U673. Everything is original as I bought it from the original owner in Arizona


vayult141vayult142CanadaFlagVay Ultimate (Added April 2014)

Wanted to submit my other yeti ultimate. its a 1988 Ultimate for your gallery. Its serial number is U443.



carmeloult151Carmelo Ultimate (Added September 2015)

Hello, big thanks to this site. So i recently scored an Ultimate from its original owner. He said its a 92, serial # U455. Over the years he swapped out basically all the original parts. Good news is that I even more recently scored an Accu trax fork with a FTW stem. Santa Barbara has it all.