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Other YETI Models not listed elsewhere.

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Randy's Yeti Collection

2001 Road Project, Kysrium wheels and full Ultegra

2003 AS-X, already on the "My AS-X'" page

2003 AS-R, Hopes and XT mainly All I need now is a singlespeed or a DH rig....

Who says Yeti sightings are rare? My Yeti Road Project, 01 ASR (which is now for sale) and my 2 day old 05 ASR with Carbon Rear. Magical rides....

Ron Schuman Lyons, Colorado


Chad’s Treefrog, purchased from Yeti in the very early 90’s !

-A friend of mine (not a friend 20 years ago, though) bought a Yeti fairly early on in the company's history.

-As I understand it he dealt directly with John or Frank, and wanted them to build him a particular frame, custom I guess. They were willing to do this. However, my friend wanted certain things done, and they weren't willing to do this. Namely, putting rack mounts on the frame. Apparently John or Frank had stated emphatically in some bike mag interview or something that he would never put rack mounts on a frame. This become a stalling point.

-Anyway, time went on and eventually Yeti relented. They built the frameset for my friend. (He did a lot of offroad touring back in those days, and was about to move to Africa - so that was what he wanted the bike for)

-Well, my friend gave me the bike yesterday. I'm pretty much speechless about it. I knew he had the bike, but I had never seen it before. He was lending me the bikebox for an upcoming overseas trip. I went out to the garage to check out the box, knowing he had dropped it off. In it was the Yeti!    -I think that this frame has been repainted, and a butcher paint job at that. (NOT done by my friend) And the decals may be replacements also.

So, this is THE original YAK. The first. Guess John/Frank/whoever at Yeti changed their tune, and decided to use it as a marketing opportunity. As you know - after that, they started putting rack mounts on 'em. I still remember the ads, musta been in MB Action mag, "Yaks... Yetis with Racks". I still love that!



Ryans bikes, see then in ARC, ROAD and AS-R

Brads bikes, see his latest AS-R in the AS-R page.


Here are the photos of a YAK

 This is approx a 1988 Yeti, S/N 421.

  • steel frame
  • simplex touring dropouts and rack eyelets
  • 3 sets of water bottle mounts
  • generator mount
  • 18" seat tube, 23" top tube
  • Original fork and an early Rock Shox MAG 10 or 20, don't remember which
  • Original Deore XT 7 speed group, Bullseye hubs

Richardcollection111USAflagRichards collection (Added March 2011)

this is my barn...



andymillnergarage1UKflag34Andys Garage (Added March 2011)

Maybe not as cool as Graves' garage, but still pretty cool





kobytreefrog111USAflagKoby YETI TREE FROG(Added September 2011)

Parker gave it to me. It was in a pile next to his house outside Durango. It was in pretty ruff shape, so the guys at the factory repainted and stickered it up for me. Parker told me it was Aaron Faust bike. I think it says "Aaron go boink" on the bottom bracket.



aarontreefrog111aarontreefrog112aaronftreefrog121USAflagAaron Faust YETI TREE FROG NO3 (ADDED FEBRUARY 2012)

Ex Yeti team rider Aaron (used to own the one above) sent in his Tree Frog from the 80’s.





gabeyak121gabeyak122gabeyak123gabeyak124USAflagGabe- YETI YAK Harelquin

Here's an '86 Yak for your files. The harlequin paint is original, even down to the brakes, cranks, etc. It also came with paint matching front and rear racks and pedals


martinsherpa141martinsherpa142martinsherpa143martinsherpa144Martin - Yeti Sherpa

Thought I should send you some pics of the sherpa now that its completed..., Hope you like it..

it still needs a couple of tweaks ,but its a real blast to ride.