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Newest bikes at the top

ralphdh9141Ralph Lawwill DH-9 (Added January 2014)





regandh91regandh92AussieflagRegan DH-9 (Added December 2011)

Just refreshed with a set of new stickers.




jamesdh9111UKflag55James DH-9 (Added October 2011)

Need help finding a rear hub, email via if you can help!



lukenzdh81lukenzdh82lukenzdh91lukenzdh92nzflagLuke YETI DH-8 & DH-9 (Added Agust 2011)

Luke from New Zealand sent in pictures of his 2 Yetis.




lukeyetidh91Luke YETI DH-9 (Added May 2011)

Lukes YETI DH-9.




georgyetidh62georgyetidh63georgyetidh64GermanflagGeorg YETI DH-6 (Added April 2011)

Here some pictures from my new rebuild troy lee coloured Yeti Lawwill DH 6..

Everything is fixed with golden titan screws, new XT / Saint with red Tiso tuning parts. New Turbine Crank. I took a long time to find nos syncros parts.

But now it is to shiny for use on street.. OK.. it looks very nice at the wall in my office :-).

Best regards from Künzelsau Germany



graemedh91UKflag29Graeme YETI DH-9 (Added March 2011)

This is my 04ish DH9 I had stolen then got it back a bit worse for wear and this the finished rebuild




josephdh91UKflag28Joseph YETI DH-9 (Added March 2011

This is Josephs old YETI DH-9



michaellawwilldh8101GermanflagMichael YETI DH-8 (Added September 2010)

a picture of my Lawwill 8 in heavy duty.

nobukilawwill97japaneseflagNobuki YETI Lawwill DH (Added August 2010)

1997 Lawwill with Shimano XTR




ricardodh91ricardodh92ricardodh93ricardodh94Ricardo Yeti DH-9 (Added July 2010)

Here is my DH-9

By the way, I made the decoration myself, handmade, so I appologise if it's not perfect


thomasyetilawwill1GermanflagTom YETI Lawwill 6- (Added February 2010)

  • Lawwill Spec:
  • frame: Lawwill 6 - 16"
  • fork: Boxxer Pro
  • headset: Ringle
  • bar: YETI
  • Grips: ODI YETI
  • brakes: Hope
  • wheels: sun ringle
  • sprocket: Shimano XTR
  • tires: Michelin
  • derailler: Shimano XTR
  • shifter Shimano XTR
  • cranks: Shimano XTR
  • chainguide:


hikedh91hikodh61hikodh81USAflagjapaneseflagHiko Yeti Lawwill Collection (Added June 09)

These are my Lawwill.

1st picture is DH-9(2001) which is my last Downhill raced bike because I finished serious race by 2003.

2nd picture is stock frame which are DH9(2001),DH8(2000),DH6,DH4. These Bike are in my parents`s house of Japan.

3rd picture is DH6. This Bike also stocked in Japan.

andysmithdh91andysmithdh92andysmithdh93andysmithdh94UKflagAndy S - YETI DH-9 (Added May 09)

HI, I just aquired a DH-9 to go alongside my 575.




stefandh9swissflagStefan YETI DH-9 (Added May 2009)

Stefan from Switzerland sent in this picture of his DH-9




jenyalawwill41jenyalawwill42russianflagdpJenya YETI Lawwill DH-4 (added January 09)

I saw posted pics of lawwils on 'yetifan'. So Here`s mine Lawwill 4 `98 with Troy Lee grafics.

While getting this frame I decided to try the old FS bike. This suspension type is relly plush (when you got sitable spring). And I really liked it. Frame size suits me excellent. So I use it everyweek for hard-trailriding. There was a big problem to get rear Hope C2 brake with calliper fitting standard 43mm between centers of the holes. After 4 month of mailing everywhere in the world I`ve found it in Australia (local trikes shop). This bike has custom painted rear Mavic 521 rim and special old-school yellow gear cables. Fork is Magura Laurin 130.

It rocks hard Russian winter trails)

Have a nice rides, - Jenya

lukemdh9012lukemdh9011Luke Yeti Lawwill DH-9 01 (Added October 08)

Got the seat post to fit and had the rest of the parts turn up yesterday
stoked to have it going.

  • 01 dh9
  • 00 dorados
  • Easton Monkey Bar low rise
  • Hayes HFX Mag HD F & R 8"
  • X-9 derailleur sort cage
  • X-9 shifter & odi lock on grips
  • SDG Seat with Titanium rails
  • thomson elite seat post (if it fits)
  • hadley hubs F & R
  • sun ringle rim
  • MRP system 2 chain guide
  • crank brothers 50/50 pedals
  • 170 saint cranks
  • cheers  Luke

MattlawwillsoldUSAflagMatt’s Lawwill DH-9 (Added June 08)

My name is Matt. I'm from Indiana, USA. The DH-9 was a 2003 and I had to sell it for financial reasons, but it was probably the sweetest bike I've ever owned. I had it built up with SRAM X.0, Raceface Cranks, MRP Guide, Marzocchi 888, Chris King Steelset, White Industries Hubs, Sun Rims, Hayes Brakes,...Good times. I built the bike to be bombproof. It weighed around 48lbs, if I recall. I'll try to find other pictures but I'm not sure if I have any left.

dalelawwill1dalelawwill2UKflagDale Yeti DH-9 2004 (Added June 08)

Here is my DH rig, it`s 2nd hand and i`ve owned it for about 2yrs now. unfortunately its little rough round some of the edges (fixed mech-hanger, paint job, some parts) but still rocks with the best of them..

04 M DH9 with Bomber 200mm 888`s up front, Hadley DH hubs on Mavic 729 rims running Hope M4 front, C2 rear brakes with Raceface chainset and Sram X9 in sink with a trusty MRP Device.

neillawwill4builtUKflagNeil ex Team Lawwill DH-4 (Added May 08)

Heres an updated picture of the lawwill 4 frame you sold me a few years ago (and is currently on your website as a frame hanging from my ceiling)

I was fortunate enough to get hold of some Airlines pretty cheap so it ecouraged me to build the frame up as a play bike... Psssst! Psssst! Weeeeeeee!!!!


adamyetiwhite1adamyetiwhite2adamyetiwhite3adamyetiwhite4UKflagAdam’s Yeti DH-9(Added March 08)

Fully rebuilt and repainted with custom Yetifan decal kit.

Matching Rockshox.

julzdh6USAflagDustin YETI Lawwill 6(Added March 08)

I just bought this from a small bike shop in california, where it had been sitting for years and years. i'm not sure what year it is and they didn't know much about it except that it was raced by a female. on the bike it reads "Julz Rulz" I'm not sure if that might be referring to Julie ... it is a smaller bike i think maybe 15" from center of crank to top of seat tube? anyways its a very clean piece of yeti history hope you can add it to your sweet site! and any info on this bike would be appreciated. thanks Dustin


russellawwill4russellawwill42Russells YETI Lawwill DH-4(added March 08)

Here,s my new lawwill 4, got it well cheap off ebay. Ive managed to track down 1 ringle HED rim, once i get another which will probably take years i will stick em on.



mikelawwill41mikelawwill42USAflagMike’s YETI Lawwill 4 (added Feb 08)

HI, here are some pictures of my newly built Lawwill 4.




rogerdh91rogerdh92rogerdh93swissflagRoger YETI DH-9(added November 07)

sent in with his ARC AS & AS LT. (see ARC AS SECTION)



svenlawwill41GermanflagSven’s YETI Lawwill 4(added November 07)

here´s my yeti, one of the early Lawwill 4´s. Bought in Germany with original yellow rims from hed and boxxer 152.

Best regards


nialldh92nialldh93nialldh94UKflagNiall’s YETI DH-9 (added October 2007)

Thought i would share a few pics of my new DH9 courtesy of ebay although i have changed most of the parts for my own preference. I think this will mean my 303 will be up for sale soon as i seemed to pick my tubed Lawwill to ride the majority of the time and will now probably use the mono. Tough decision though.

nialldh91Niall’s YETI DH-9 (added September 07)

DH9 in Red. The Lawwill is still a tempting ride. Last ridden at the last Dragon race at Mynydd Du where it was superb.



Andrew’s Yeti Lawwill 97/98 added August 2007

Andy from the West Midlands in the UK, sent in these pictures of this recently finished Yeti Lawwill. From 97/98.

Looks amazing, Dont yout hink?


Japanene YETI DH-8 (added July 2007)

My YETI DH-8 from Japan.

Thank you.


Nick’s Yeti Lawwill - from the Brochure- added June 2007

This is bike no 1, the one that is in the 1997 Yeti catalogue (but built ’96). It showed at the Anaheim show and is basically a new bike. Mert Lawill now works with geoff ringle in their new venture building parts for Indian motorcycles. When I negotiated a deal with Geoff for the ARC, I negotiated with Mert for the Lawill 4 too. This ose won’t be going as it fits mefine as a 16”. Basically the spec reads as it does in the back of the 97 catalogues, full 1996 XTR. But you’ll also notice the only laid back moby post in existence. The 4 as you know had stops for a f/mech, to make it ridable XC, but mert needed a bit more reach. This is the first ‘modern’ DH machine, so it blows the old AS away.

Michaels YETi DH-8 added July 2007

Here is one of my YETI's. The Lawwill 8 is my fastest YETI (downhill, uphill is slow and a little bit exhausting). Lacation: Germany Frankfurt Mountains: Taunus


Thomas’s Yeti DH-9 added May 2007 (2001 model)

Yeti Dh9 set up with RazorRock 20mm Hub, Marzocchi JuniorT 2004, Mrp system2 chainguide, Truvativ Holzfeller Crank , Mavic ex729 rims, Atomlab aircorp bar, Maxxis Minions 2,5“ …..very fast !!!

Thomas from Germany

Jan’s DH-9- added May 2007

He is my Lawwill. (Jan just built a 303- here is his old Lawwill)

  • - Fox 40 RC2
  • - Race face bar, seat post, headset, stem and chain guard
  • - Hayes El camino
  • - Sram gear
  • - Sun MTX on Hadley hubes
  • - Yeti seat and grips

I still got the frame.  Med venlig hilsen/Best regards -   Jan Quist

Guillaume’s DH-9- added May 2007

This DH-9 is an 03 model, which i bought second hand. It is equipped with a manitou swinger 6 way, marzocchi's 888 with risse flat crowns, hayes barkes, mavic rims and some raceface components. It's an amazing bike ! best regards from France,


Paul’s Yeti Lawwill 8

Thought it was about time I sent you some pics of my DH8 to post up on the web site. These are three years old now which means it looks about the same as when I rode it round the MBR route at Coedy at the tribe meet that year (2003).

It's only slightly different now, just different bars, stem and saddle.

The only major difference now is I managed to get a Pro Deluxe shock for it from ebay.

The bike itself is a late model '99 with DKG shock linkage, '01 Boxxers, Ringle/mavic wheels, XTR mech and shifter, Hayes Mag brakes (note only 6" rear disk!), Raceface cranks and BB, Ringle Moby seat post and Slamma Jamma headset.

It's a sweet ride even though it's starting to get a bit old now, but still gets the respect out on the trails.

I got the opportunity to take it out to Les Gets last year where I think it found it's spiritual home. Lawwills rule!   Paul

Matt’s DH-9 Lawwill

It's got the Dorados up top a Vanilla out back (It's actually a really good shock). New SRAM x9 gears, hope m4 brakes, Saint cranks with blackspire guide, Easton monkeylite bars, ringle post and Yeti saddle,721 mavic wheels. It's a fantastic dh bike, I'm ripping up the local track most nights now. Will eventually fit 40's ready for when I can afford a 303.


Dave’s DH-9 - added April 07 (2005 Model)

I bought the frame last year (2006) on its own and had it completely stripped & resprayed by Argos Racing in Bristol (UK). The guy’s name that did it was Mark and trust me by saying, the paint job is 110% immaculate (I would recommend these guys to anyone).

I designed the layout and chose colours matching to my forks, then kitted this beauty out with the following:


  • Yeti DH (2005) Customized Paint with Fox Vanilla Rear Shock,  upfront it has Manitou Dorado MRD Forks (2005) with MRD bolt on Stem
  • Race Face Diabolus Bars
  • Hadley Hubs
  • Sun MTX Rims  with DT Spokes and Maxxis High Roller 2.5 (Front & Rear)
  • Shimano Dura Ace Rear Cassette  with Shimano Dura Ace Rear Mech  & Shimano Dura Ace Chain shifted with Shimano XT Shifter
  • E Thirteen Chain Device  on Race Face Evolve DH Crankset  with Race Face Evolve DH BB & E Thirteen 40T Chain Ring
  • Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals .
  • Hayes HFX-9 Disk Breaks (203mm Front & Rear)
  • Thompson Elite Seat Post, Hope Headset,  Hope Seat Clamp & Funn Saddle

I have already taken my pride and joy to the Alps for a lovely 11 days and it’s by far the best DH bike that I have ever ridden.

Well done to everyone at YETI. I was so impressed with the bike that I also bought myself a YETI DJ. I will send some pictures soon once I’ve done it up. Many thanks, Dave


Tims 2 Lawwills

Tim sent this picture of His Lawwill's, right is his brand new DH9, he's still waiting on a few parts.

Left is his Lawwill 6, its in bits at the moment, but a rebuild is in the pipeline.


Damons Lawwill.

Just thought I would send in a pic of my new DH-9. It is set up with a Dorado, Hussfelt cranks, Blackspire chainguide, RazorRock hubs, Hayes brakes, Azonic bars, and SRAM shifting



Eric's Lawwill,

He's just finished building it, note the front mech and 3 Chain rings!!



Brads Yeti Lawwill DH9

Its running Marzocchi Shivers and also has a Razor Rock HotRod kit.

Brad has also Fitted a Romic to his DH9, he says it invloves removing some material but not much, so the bike will not loose any strength

Jakob's Lawwill

Here is some pics of my new ride. I think its got a whole lot more style than the Team models that you have been flashing ;-)

Spec: Boxxer Team with Goldtec crwn/stroke Hope 205mm discs XTR MRP Goldtec/Hadly with tubeless Mavic D321 and Michelins Ti-spring Ti/mag V12 pedals Matching saddle (!) Easton Scandium bars, RF Steelset and Thomson seatpost finishing the deal.Just over 18,5kg

Cheers! Jakob

Leon sent this picture of his recently finished Lawwill.

I think you'll agree the forks look the dog's, work nice too! Trouble is the back end is just so smooth and reacts to everything that it kinda makes you long for a front end that's as good. Rest of the bike as you can see is built up with XTR, MRP, Mavic and Hope. Might have to try 8-speed though the gears get a bit skippy now and then.

Anyway, keep spreadin the word. This is one happy yetifan

Ichiro Iijima's Yeti Lawwill

He is a Downhiller from Japan




Chris (A.K.A Yeti Dher in the forum) just sent this new picture of his latest purchase a 2003 Yeti Lawwill DH9.

After years of good service from his old Lawwill Chris was in need of a new steed.

Here it is.

Visit Chris and see more MTB pictures at

Kendo's newest ride

Yeti Lawwill 6, it took some finding, but here it is




Stuart's Almost a Yeti Lawwill

Well, its not quite a Yeti - more a Schweti with a Schwinn Team rear end. It get used for DH and FR Lite and chugging around my local bike park. Its a great, predictable chassis to build on. It pedals really well and rails the corners. Long Live Yeti!!!




Eric's DH-9

Hey im dropthebreak on your website and i was hoping my bike was worthy of your gallery.Its got a FOX Vanilla DH shock, and its great! Im totally stoked i'm the only one with it on the bike. Both fox and yeti told me it wouldnt fit but the bike shop i deal with can do anything i want!. This custom job was well worth it, it weighs 46 lbs

Tom's Lawwill DH (1995)

i from Mannheim, Germany

I hope you´ll find my Lawwill " worthy " enough to be shown at Yetifan, In the next months the original parts such as Cook cranks, Ringle, King etc in blue will be fixed. I hope i´ll find some HED carbon- rims in yellow !

Think this is one of ( or The first ) Lawwill(s) ever made !!!

Howards Lawwill DH-9

I'm new to the world of Yeti. Just built up my DH9, I think I may be a Yeti convert! I wondered if it's image was worthy of your website?

Can also offer advise to anyone in the UK who has problems getting the parts and finding the people to build up DH9's. In particular the rear hub.... Kind regards Howard. hest

Matt's Custom Yeti Lawwill 6

Pearlescent paint by Spectrum in USA- The guys who paint all new Yeti frames (For now-Yeti want to move it back in house, like in Durango) .

I could write tons of crap about this bike,like, Custom King 12mm rear hub, custom painted this and that, special finish on the 'stickers' on the HED rims (natural carbon of the rims), 3 chain rings, custom Hope rotors, But I don't think I need to write such things, just check out the pictures.

Niklas 03 DH9

This is swedens only yeti dh9 the 888r is reduced to 180mm travel and other crowns are on the way.

Swededh9 (Niklas Dahlin)



Michaels 01 DH-9

DH 9 '01 with custom Fox shox (8.5x2.75), Hanebrink LT-9 fork, Saint brakes and XTR group.

What a slack head angle !!!



Jeff’s DH-9

03 DH9 special edition red frame, Swinger 4 Way rear shock, 888 Fork with lowering crowns and intregrated stem, Answer ProTaper OS bars, Hayes Mag brakes with Braking wavy rotors, Yeti Hard Core Lockon grips, Outlaw rims running Stans Tubeless Conversion and Michelin tires and Hadley hubs, Evil SRS chain guide on Truvativ Hussefelt DH

also see his  03 ASX


Sprung_DH9’s lawwill

It originally had Shivers, but i found them to heavy for racing so i changed to Junior Ts, this is my first full suspension bike and ive had it for unde a year. The Yeti rules, super sturdy on fast rough stuff, and easy manoverable on the technical stuff even with its long wheel base. It even has a sticker on the swingarm

I’m Sprung_dh9 on the forum

Japan Lawwill

HELLO!! I am JAPANESE.This mail send from Japan.

Please up date my yeti.

No import in JAPAN from next year.   Oh!my god.


Pim’s 1998 Yeti Lawwill(added & updated 2005)

The frame looks better than before. Works better to, It has new pivot points. Eight needle bearings in the two main pivots, so I break down before the bearings do. Also a stiffer spring, because the original was a bit soft.

so do you like it ? Pim


Dan’s DH-9(added 2005)

My DH-9 with Fox 40’s.



Xtreme lawwill DH-9(added 2005)

Sent in from Japan.





Johny Lawwill DH-9(added 2005)

Im just back from france and the dh9 was in its element





Jamie Lawwill DH-8 (added 2005)

here is my latest bike, a Yeti Lawwill DH-8.




Masashi Meisaichi DH-8 (added 2005)

I enjoy LAWWILL 8 for custom painting, rear shock and putting on front triple gear.I use this bike for free riding.

I am happy to show my bike to YETIFAN.

from Mookacity, Japan

Chritians DH-9 (added 2005)

Greets from Heidelberg, Germany




Thomas’s YETi Lawwill 4(added 2005)

I have here some pictures for you of my YETI LAWWILL DH 4.

I hope that you will put the pictures on your site..

Here still some details:

  • ROCK SHOX Boxxer fork
  • MAVIC Dee Max rims
  • MAGURA Louise FR brakes
  • RACE FACE cranks
  • EASTON seat post
  • ROOX stem
  • complete SHIMANO XTR groupset
  • CHRIS KING headset
  • HOPE  hub in the back

greetings Thomas from Berlin (Germany)!!

Ding’s YETI Lawwill (added 2006)

Thought I'd post a couple of photos I just snapped of my Lawwill 4 '97,  after I put a new fork and a couple of other new bits on it. The Lawwill is spec'ed with a Fox F100 RLT fork, Ringle Stem, Azonic bars, Hope (stock) rear brake, Magura Marta SL front brake, Grafton cranks, Thomson seatpost, XTR shifter/ derailleurs, Ringle rear hub (stock), DT Swiss front hub, Mavic SUP 117 ceramic rims. Shimano DX pedals Am actually looking for a way to put new rear brake/ hub on as the cassette on the old ringle hub is about to give. I noticed above that Thomas from Germany managed to fit Magura brakes on his Lawwill 4, wonder if there was a way to get in touch with him, could really use some of his input!

Thanks! Ding Singapore

Richards DH-9(added 2006)

Nice site been very useful!

This is my bike. battered dinted but well loved.


Dave’s Lawwill DH-9(added 2006)

The DH-9 is an 04 model, which i bought second hand and then rebuilt with a new shock (DHX 5) forks (Fox 40s) and a few other bits. It would have been an amazing bike but unfortunately i had to sell it to pay debts



Bart’s Lawwill DH-9(added 2006)

Here are my Yeti`s. Do need to say more? I just love the way they ride and look! See Barts DH




Lawwill (added 2006)

Looking forward to the meets.



Matt’s DH-8 (added 2006)

I'll be looking to make it prettier as time goes by but for now i'm just happy riding it but it will be nice if I can get rid of the brake clunk from the worn bush and arm!!! Hopefully off to Cwmcarn on Monday tho!!!


Billy P’s Yeti DH-9 (added 2006)

Billy’s DH-9. Also go and check out his Yeti 4X




Neil’s Lawwill DH4

Here’s my Lawwill 4 frame hanging from the ceiling in the centre of my lounge. One day I might get round to restoring it, but in the words of the almighty Jabba–

 “I will not give up my favourite decoration!”


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