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Team YETI 2012.

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See the full world cup live on Red-Bull-logo50

Round 1 - South Africa - March 18th. PICS

Round 2 - Italy Val De Sole PICS

Round 3 - Scotland- Fort William PICS

Round 4 - Canada - Mont Sainte Anne PICS

Round 5 - USA- Windham PICS

Round 6 France PICS


IMG_15380-bIMG_15382-bIMG_15432-bIMG_15506-bIMG_15507-bIMG_15507-cIMG_15508-bIMG_15509-bIMG_15514-bIMG_15515-bIMG_15515-cIMG_15516-bLeogang World Championships. (rider Story to follow) Richie Got 2nd in Junior worlds!






vd027Val-d’Isere France Round 6

Jared got a 28th, Eliot was not there & I forgot where Richie came because I was busy editing all these cool pics from Jonathan Sweet, cheers dude!





Canada round 4 - USA- round 5.

Richie tells us hows its all going for him.

Italy was especially exciting since i had a great qualifier which i was very surprised about... i think the warm weather and being the first race for awhile made it all really fun. Had a crash in my final run which was disappointing but it happens.

Fort William was all new to me. Never been to Scotland or Britain/UK before so that was cool. the large amount of fans was pretty epic as well. The race didn't go as planned just sneaked into the finals since i had a crash in qualies. starting 80th was weird and had an OK run ended up in the thirties again.

Mount Sainte Anne seem to be an off week for me. wasn't in the greatest mindset. i think i qualified in the forties in the dry. it rained before finals which was good made the track perfect. Ended up 23rd another good result and grabbed the junior overall since Bruni was not there

Windham was another good weekend nice weather and a fun track to ride. not all that tiring, so we could just do runs. Had a good qualy run to go into 17th. Held it together in my race run to end up 15th. super stoked once again, i really wanted to get that top 20.

montsaineeliot121windhameliot121windhamrude121Pics courtesy of Racers FB pages.

Scotland Round 3

The third round of the world cup saw Richie qualify in the last available position, after an early crash he did not think he would get in, so took his time! Jared was lying 15th overall and was protected, after having a bad qualifying run, he started just outside the top 20. Anita qualified a solid 6th, and then with a bad and messy run came in a strong 8th. Eliot did not qualify.


Italy Round 2. Richie 21st. Jared 55th. Anita 8th.

No story or pics.

South Africa - round 1. Jared 6th. Richie 31st. Eliot 50th. Anita 7th.

The first round of the world cup saw a new TEAM YETI, conditions were dry, with some rain the day before, Jared was 15th before the pedalling section, but pulled back to 2nd buy the 2nd split, he then pulled it back and got a lengthy turn in the Hotseat, this is his first full season of world cup for a long time, and his first race back since South Africa last year.

with Junior Ride Richie Rude getting 31st,and 2nd Junior in his first world cup. Carbon 303 was to debut at this event, but the use of Dropper seat posts at this race, meant that the bike could not be used.

VIDEO -!/photo.php?v=3232741330520

Anita Molcik - Thx and I'm really happy with 7th, even if right now I'm just a little sorry that it was with 1.2 sec just so close to the podium ! But it was an awesome race for me. I had a lot of fun with all the Yeti guys and love to do my training runs with them! Then after a 12th place in qualifying, I thought that there is more possible!  I wanted to get a solid result and so I started a bit mildly on the top part, but then I felt pretty good and confident on the pedal section and push it really hard on the last part of the track, where I had even the third fastest time!  And also happy for Jared and Rich just missing the podium and top 30 by one place!  So now looking forward to Val di Sole

Richie Rude - yeah the weekend ended up being a good one for me. I actually really enjoyed riding and racing on the course. It was a good track to start the year on, since it wasnt too technical but had a solid amount of pedaling and flow. After qualifying 45th I was pumped for finals knowing I could put more into my run. Finals went almost flawless, had a few mistakes, but wasn’t put down by them and ended up 31st. it gave me a lot of confidence going on to the next race seeing that I could of been top 20 if i had made up a few seconds on the top split. And was the 11th fastest on the pedal.

Jared Graves- Yeah I was pretty happy with South Africa, although at the same time really bummed to miss the podium by .05.

I had been training hard, and podium was my goal, I knew I could do it, but always with racing, the hard part is doing it in that one run!
But it was definitely a good start to the season for me and the team!

Eliot Jackson- I had a great time in South Africa, I've always wanted to go there so it was awesome that the World Cup series travel there this year. I had some bad luck in my race run but it happens and I just have to look forward to the next one.