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Welcome to FAQ, lots of people ask a lot of questions, turq touch up? What year is my 575? When did Missy ride for Yeti?  So to make it easier to get this info, its all here!

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Note- Answers do not come direct from Yeti, and are correct to my knowledge at time of upload, if I don’t know your answer, I will ask somebody at Yeti.


Q(Updated Jan 2016)

Q= I’ve just bought a used SB66 / C. Its come without the BB spacer/ ISCG splines cover.Can I get the BB spacer instead of the ISCG mount?

That part come with the frame, there is now an option to buy this item from YETI (updated info- Jan 2016)

Q- What is the Yeti Turquoise color? I need a touch up?

Desert Turquoise, or RAL 5018. The color has changed a fraction over the years, but this is the closest you’ll get. At worst its only a shade off.

Q - Bike= SB66, Can I fit a Carbon rear end to my SB66 alloy from 2012-2013.?

Yes you can! BUT, its going to cost you, You will need (prices approx), 1x SB66 2014 Dogbone (130), 1x 2014 Master Rebuild kit (200), 1x Swingarm (699). Its simply not worth doing financially, the better option is to sell your current frame and buy either an SB66C or an SB66 2014 A/C.

Q Name = maurizio esposito

Bike = sb 66 - Hello andrew, can I ask an opinion, I have a SB 66 alu, I fit the fox x ctd with custom ‘cnsq’ but I can not find the right feeling, it seems to me that the travel is rough, the old RP23 HV I think it works better , is perhaps the wrong custom. To stop if I drop the rear wheel the bike rimbelza (Sorry no idea), thanks greetings

I used a FOX Float X on my SB66, I thought the damping was far better, and it was a nicer shock. Maybe the pre set damping is not the same as I had. Email your Fox service center and explain the problem, I am sure they will know more than me!

Q, Is is possible to buy those YETI/FOX T shirts I’ve seen the team wearing?

No sorry, Yeti don’t sell those, but I wish they did!

Q hi i've just give the bike a good clean and removed the bottle cage where i found paint bubbling, its a white with the turq highlighting, is this normal and is there anything i can do?

It could be a little oxidisation? without seeing a picture, I cannot tell. If you are concerned, then you should send a picture, or take your bike to the dealer.

Aluminium does not rust (corrode) because its surface is protected by a natural layer of aluminium oxide which prevents the metal below from coming into contact with air and oxygen. Unlike rust, which can flake off the surface of iron and steel objects, the layer of aluminium oxide does not flake off.


Q I would to put a spring shock on my bike, which spring rate will be ok for me? (84kgs). SB66  Thank you, Jean

Measure your current shock eye to eye, measure the stroke, this tells you the shock you need (SB66= 215mm x 64mm)

Now you need a spring calculator, try this one,


Q I have a 2012 yeti sb66 which i am building up with sram x01 1x11.
However i am struggling with the alignment. Do you now how many shims i need on the BB and which side?

(Sram GXP BB)

Or could you put me in the direction of someone who is running sram 1x11 already on a sb66?

A- According to the instructions, you dont run any shim for the GXP Bottom Bracket on the drive side for a 73 shell, the non drive side BB cup has a step, so the drive side floats, to save side loading and preserve your BB bearings.

However, Shaun the Yeti mechanic runs 1 when he uses 1x11.

Make sure you use the ISCG mount, or ISCG spacer cover that came with your frame.

Q SB-75, I am wanting to get a KS Lev 125mm or 150mm dropper.

The seatpost (KS Lev) length from the collar down is 200mm and 225mm respectively. I will need it as far down in the seat tube so that the seatpost at full extension is just right for me.

Without the bike yet is there anyway to tell wether 225mm of seatpost (150mm KS dropper) will fit fully in the seat tube??

All Yetis (except 303) have a full length seat tube, so you can run a regular post and use your QR to drop it for descents, or run a dropper post with the collar close to the seat QR.


Q - I am thinking of buying a 2011 575, what is the parts availability like?

You can get all parts, Bearings kits, bolts are pretty standard though out the entire Yeti range, swingarms are no problem either should you need one. The Dogbone is the same 08-12, so they are usually in stock too. Shocks are a regular length, and serviceable at Fox like any other. Chip kits and mech hangers are the same as used on the SB66, so no worries.

Q - Hi there tribe! Which is the correct derailleur hanger model for an aluminum SB66?

The SB66 Alloy has 2 different types, it depends if you are using 135mm QR (Regular wheel) or 142x12 Thru Axle with the chip kit.

Q- I have a 2012 575, will a Reverb Stealth fit?

The 575 from 2012 does not have a hole in the seattube, so unless you get the dremmel out and make one, then its regular Reverb (or similar) only I’m afraid.

Q - I want to build up a NOS AS-X in Large Black, where can I get one?

I really think you will be struggling to find such a frame, the AS-X was a huge favourite back when it was new, between 03-07, with the newest example knocking on 6 years old, to find a shop that did not clear this frame out will be tricky, people loved them and at the first sign of a discount they’d be snapped up.


Q- I have an SB66, What FOX code do I need to get on my Float X ?

A- I have been using a shock with  CGZD on it. This is a 2014 code and does not register on the Fox set up guide right now.

Q- I just broke a Ti pivot bolt, (or steel) on my bike, a new kit is massive money, what can  I do ? Is this a common problem?

A- Dont panic! Bolts are just 9.99 each individually, or from around 16 for the female part. Dont know which one you need? Just email me I have all the part numbers from YETI, and a few bikes I can double check on if you are not sure. Just email me and I’ll reply ASAP



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